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House building software to manage the full lifecycle

Welcome to Eque2, your software ‘partner for life’.

No matter what size your business, you’ll find:

  • A choice of modular or integrated easy-to-use software that streamlines every stage of the construction or house building lifecycle.
  • Software that benefits from continuous unrivalled development and is supported by experts.

So whether it’s estimating, financials, post-contract or anything in between; Microsoft, Sage or a solution that our own experts have developed in conjunction with our customers, you’ll never need to look elsewhere.


Addressing the rising costs faced by construction SMEs

New research from the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) highlights the impact recent price rises are having on smaller building firms, citing sharp increase in building material costs and skills shortages as key factors. Materials such as timber, brick and insulation were identified as the most affected by price rises, as well as concrete and […]

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How can software help tackle the skills shortage?

The skills shortage facing the construction industry is well known. Rebecca Thompson FCIOB, President of the Chartered Institute of Building, argued that to attract young people into the sector the industry needs an inclusive mindset and ‘make the work environment more conducive to people doing a good job’. In other words, modernising and streamlining processes, […]

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Case Study

Cheesmur & Sons (Lewes) Ltd, based in Sussex, was first established in 1936 and specialises in residential and commercial construction building maintenance and refurbishment, facilities management services, and heritage building restoration. By working closely with their clients and professional teams, Cheesmur ensures quality projects are achieved to programme and budget, cementing their high reputation in […]

Cheesmur Building Contractors

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‘Building Tomorrow’ explores the significant investments made by leading organisations in the sector in the areas of training and recruitment, technology advances and sustainability.


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