Working in construction, you know how important it is to manage your job costing processes effectively so you can protect your margins and have visibility of your cash flow. You’ll also know how tricky this can be. Coupled with the inefficiencies of working from separate spreadsheets – meaning the laborious rekeying of potentially inaccurate data – you’ll agree that these problems require an industry-specific solution. Read on for software options and information for contractors typically <£25m turnover.


Here are some of the main reasons construction businesses use an Eque2 solution to save time, gain more
control and improve accuracy when managing their contracts.


Never go over budget again without knowing it

Automatically pull together information from multiple data sources and spreadsheets to gain a single version of the truth on the performance of all contracts. 


No more wasted hours manually preparing the information you need

Customised Excel dashboards and full contract reporting at your fingertips with the ability to drill down to the detail
of money coming in and out of the business. 


Subcontractor Management

Control when and how much you pay subcontractors and gain peace of mind around the compliance and quality of subcontractors employed. 


Accurate client billing

Never miss a payment again with tighter control of applications, valuations and retentions, ensuring you bill for the right amount of the right time.


Avoid costly use of Plant

Make sure hired Plant is never left onsite by mistake by accurately recording plant orders per contract and be warned when an overspend is likely to occur.


Collaboration between Finance and Commercial teams

Ensure your Finance and Commercial teams keep accurate and updated records on every contract without lots of manual data entry and standalone spreadsheets. 

Whatever the size or requirements of your business we have a right software package for you.
Learn more about how Construct can help you run your business more efficiently.

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Construct Express - Sage 50 Construction Software

Construct Express for Sage 50 Accounts is the perfect entry-level job costing system for construction companies

Construct for Sage 50 Construction Software

Construct for Sage 50 Accounts is the most popular contract cost management solution for small and medium sized contractors in the construction industry

Construct Sage 200 Construction Software

Construct for Sage 200 Accounts is the platform of choice for medium to large contractors that require the combination of a sophisticated contract management system and a highly flexible accounting platform

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