As you begin to take on more projects, your volume of data will increase. Here are 5 reasons why aligning your systems to hold centralised information can help you manage your data more effectively.


Construction and contracting firms like yours are moving out of the recession, but need to bring their data with them. Much of this data is held on disparate systems, whether that’s in someone’s head, on multiple spreadsheets or on pieces of paper. We look at why these systems need to be aligned.

The construction industry output increased by 5.3% more in June 2014 than in June 2013.

In order to manage this output successfully, companies need to align their systems by adopting new technologies including mobile, cloud and construction-specific software.

1. Disparate construction systems lead to dirty data.

88% of spreadsheets have errors.

Aligning systems leads to one, clean version of all data.

This enables better forecasting, bid management and financial visibility within firms.

2. Adopting flexible technologies and systems designed for contracting improves your ability to bid more effectively.

Why? Because it encourages people with the right skills to join the business and helps you to win the right projects.

46% of spreadsheet users report their system often makes bidding on projects difficult. Aligning these data spreadsheets will simplify the process and lead to success.

Construction firms can also achieve efficiency by…

3. Aligning systems in the Cloud enabling greater efficiency when accessing data.

80% of cloud adopters saw improvements in efficiency in at least one area within 6 months.

For construction firms, this can lead to faster and more accurate reporting.

4. Aligning systems with construction software increases data integrity.

On average, only 10% of IT budgets are spent on security.

Investing in construction software minimises human-error while keeping data secure and protected within a single place.

5. Data is centralised and accessible through mobile technology.

Aligned construction systems simplify remote access to centralised data, helping to boost productivity wherever your workforce are and whenever they require access to information.

77% of respondents reported that adopting smartphones and mobile technology has had a positive effect on organisational productivity.

Aligning data is essential to the success of construction firms. There are many options for firms looking to centralise their data, but ultimately the right constructions tools and software will improve and streamline data processes.

Aligning your systems is essential if you want full visibility of what’s going on throughout your business. Find out more about effectively managing your tasks by downloading Your systems checklist for better construction project management.

Your systems checklist for better construction project management