The skills shortage facing the construction industry is well known. Rebecca Thompson FCIOB, President of the Chartered Institute of Building, argued that to attract young people into the sector the industry needs an inclusive mindset and ‘make the work environment more conducive to people doing a good job’.

In other words, modernising and streamlining processes, making the work environment more appealing and accessible, can directly tackle the skills shortage. So how can you modernise your back office processes?

One way is to use software that streamlines and simplifies processes, so you can avoid multiple, complex spreadsheets that often result in duplicated data and time wasted rekeying information. This not only improves ROI and saves both time and money, but also makes your workplace more attractive to a younger workforce that’s used to fast, smooth data, not slow, clunky paper chains.

Also, modernising the way you estimate and tender for jobs is easy to achieve with construction estimating software like EValuate. By capturing live data from projects, gathering accurate cost details and creating more accurate bids, you can replicate successful bids and continue to grow your business, without investing so much time.

Modern cloud ERP systems, such as our EVision software, also help to streamline the entire enterprise. As you can make decisions in real time, monitoring and even predicting the outcomes of projects based on previously gathered data, projects not only run more smoothly, but a job in construction becomes an appealing prospect.

Ultimately, new technology offers the construction industry the chance to finally say goodbye to paper documents, spreadsheets and disparate data and, as such, the chance to attract a young, skilled workforce. Adopting new tools doesn’t just ensure profit; it ensures the longevity of your business.

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