Established in 1969, Bloor Homes, has developed to be one of the largest house-building groups across the UK. With the company spanning across seven regional offices and developing 3,200 homes annually, Bloor Homes are dedicated to providing an efficient after-sales process to ensure customer satisfaction. Having used Eque2’s Housebuilding software since 2003, the Care module plays an important role in achieving this.


Prior to using the Care module, the customer care team at Bloor Homes were using manual processes and paper files to deal with customer enquiries and schedule site visits for maintenance technicians or subcontractors. This proved to be very time consuming, and as the customer journey is so important to the company, this led them to look for a more efficient solution. Having already been using other modules of Eque2’ Housebuilding software, Bloor Homes decided to adopt the Care module to manage the full house building lifecycle from one solution.

Streamlined Processes
Since implementing the Care module over 10 years ago, Bloor Homes have gained great efficiencies within the customer care team. The module has been designed to assist in responding efficiently to customer problems and queries after the sale is complete. Problems can be easily logged and tracked all the way through to resolution providing you with full visibility. Charlotte Wright, Business Systems Analyst at Bloor Homes explained: “The Care module works as a deposit for all our customer interactions and helps us track the maintenance jobs we assign to various plots allowing us to streamline the previous manual processes. It is now the sole place our customer care department need to go find the information they need.”

Within the department, the team use the task scheduler functionality of the Care module which allows the coordinators to see all current enquiries that require action and provides them with a holistic view enabling them to better manage their workloads and prioritise effectively.

Proactive Approach
Another key benefit of using the Care module is that Bloor Homes are able to take a more proactive approach to dealing with scheduled site visits rather than being reactive. Charlotte commented: “our teams are able to easily see the current status of an enquiry schedule follow up activities. If a site visit has been arranged, the system allows our team to check in with everyone before then to remind the customer of the appointment and ensure the subcontractor or maintenance technician is prepared. This ensures the appointment is effective and means we aren’t dealing with several queries after.

Charlotte added: “The Care module is an integral part of the customer care department and we have definitely gained efficiencies with the more adopted it becomes. It is a tool our teams find easy to use and it provides us with the reporting we require to monitor performance and ensure our customers are satisfied with the after-sales service they receive.”

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