Bloor Homes, one of the largest house-building groups in the UK has been building homes across the country since 1969. With the company spread out across seven regional offices and over 3,200 homes built each year, effective management of business processes is crucial to the continued success and growth of Bloor Homes. To assist with this, the company have been using modules of Eque2’s Housebuilding software since 2003.

Integration with Existing Systems

Having identified issues with their current sales management system, including its limited functionality and lack of integration with other solutions and processes across the company, Bloor Homes began looking for an alternative. With other parts of the business already heavily using other modules of Eque2’s Housebuilding solution, the company decided to adopt the Sales module, considering it to be a more sophisticated tool than that already in place.

Bloor Homes hoped that the implementation of the Sales module would remove the need to duplicate several processes across multiple systems, helping them save time and create a single reference point through the Housebuilding solution.

As Eque2 likes to take a partnered approach to software, developing their solutions alongside customers’ needs, and with Bloor Homes having already established a strong relationship with Eque2 over the years, Bloor Homes felt confident they would be able to help develop the product to meet their evolving requirements and have more of a say in the process.

Effective Lead Management

Moving to a new system provided Bloor Homes with the opportunity to go through a data cleansing exercise. With a sizeable customer database, this was a big task to undertake, but the benefit to the company now outweighs this as they know the data held within Housebuilding is accurate. The solution also provides greater control on the quality of leads as the new process requires lead information to be vetted by a Sales Advisor prior to going into the system.

The Sales module of Housebuilding also assists the company with customer engagement as it offers the ability to produce automated, tracked marketing campaigns, and provides templated emails for one to one communication between Sales Advisors and prospective customers, helping promote new developments. It assists further with customer engagement as the module integrates with the Bloor Homes website, providing real-time information on enquiries and improving the speed of communications.

Charlotte Wright, IT Projects Coordinator at Bloor Homes advised: ‘Our primary use of the Sales module is as our main lead management tool for which it is very effective. Not only has it provided us with a greater awareness of activities of our sales teams with customers, but we have gained efficiencies and confidence in the accuracy of the data we have within the system.’

Streamlining Internal Processes

The adoption of the Sales module has also provided benefits to Sales Advisors and Managers alike. The ‘Task List’ acts as a workload management tool helping Sales Advisors prioritise activities and ensure web generated leads are processed. Sales Managers benefit from better management control as they can view outstanding tasks and leads at a regional level and review all customer interactions.

Improved Reporting

Bloor Homes have seen an improvement in reporting and business intelligence compared to the previous system they were using. Through the query tool, they are able to easily find and extract the information they require for their sites. They have also connected the module to an external tool to delve even further into the customer journey, helping to identify trends and providing more insight.

Future Plans

The company has plans to further develop the use of the Sales module to help automate manual tasks a Sales Advisor carries out prior to reservation to continue improving efficiencies. Charlotte commented: ‘Although it was a big process change for our teams to move to the Sales module from our previous system, after testing and internal training, we have benefitted from significant improvements across the company and are now looking at expanding our use of the module for the future.’