C R MacDonald have been Eque2 customers since April 2015, initially using Construct for Sage 50 Accounts then adopting Invoice Capture and Intelligent Construction Analysis reporting to work alongside this. Back in late 2018 the business required more in-depth analysis around their financials and upgraded to Sage 200 Accounts to work alongside Construct to support this.

Tracking and analysing contract performance

Construct for Sage Accounts has allowed C R Macdonald to track and analyse their contract performance in greater detail, they are able to report on their contracts to track if they are within budget and monitor the profit across each of their projects, this has allowed them to make better informed decisions as a business.

Alex MacDonald, Finance Consultant at C R MacDonald said “Construct for Sage Accounts provides great insight as to how each of our contracts are performing, we can produce detailed contract reports that show where we are against budget, purchase order’s that are outstanding and track our applications for payment. This ensures there are no surprises and we can quickly and accurately see what profit we are making.”

The business opted to add the Invoice Capture module to enable them to scan documents with unique barcodes which are then automatically attached to the relevant transactions in Construct. Invoice Capture ultimately helps the team at C R Macdonald save time on manual admin, whilst ensuring that everything is documented accurately. Alex says, “Purchasing the Invoice Capture module was probably the best thing we could have done, previously we had walls of files and documents, if something was misplaced it was lost and we would spend a lot of time searching through records. Invoice Capture is seamless, it allows us to process invoices in a much shorter time and attach to the correct transactions, ensuring everything is documented correctly and where it needs to be.”

Greater financial analysis with Sage 200 Accounts

In September 2018, C R MacDonald made the decision to upgrade their Sage 50 Accounts software to Sage 200 Accounts to gain tighter control over their finances. One of the main reasons they required the change was to facilitate and manage closed period accounting, Alex MacDonald explains, “Construct for Sage 50 Accounts didn’t offer us the ability to manage closed period accounting, meaning users could post transactions in closed periods. We were therefore having to leave periods open, which was frustrating. Sage 200 Accounts offers us closed period accounting so we can close down months, thus ensuring our transactional reports and VAT runs are far more accurate.

“Sage 200 Accounts is also more advanced at managing supplier payment runs.  Sage 200 Accounts offers a suggested payments routine – a list of outstanding purchase invoices is generated and shows how much is outstanding,  the age of the debt and suggests these are paid. This gives us a clearer view, ensuring we don’t fall behind with our payments.

“Sage 200 Accounts is so quick, information is generated instantly, the advanced financial and reporting functionality ensures the information can easily be put into most formats, allowing us to choose which suits our business.”

Discussing how Construct for Sage 200 Accounts benefits C R Macdonald Alex finishes, “Construct for Sage 200 Accounts ensures our finances are accurate, contracts are tracked efficiently and we can produce accurate detailed reports around the performance of our business. The software has saved us a vast amount of time as a business.

“We have also been extremely impressed by the support team at Eque2, they are very helpful and friendly, meaning if I ever do need to pick up the phone, I am confident in their ability. I look forward to our continued relationship with Eque2.”