CCG is a construction contractor that delivers projects of all sizes and nature, from intricate conversions to stock improvements and larger new builds, for a range of blue chip clients.

In 2010 CCG was persuaded to leave us, moving to a solution supplied by a generic software provider, IT Group. CCG quickly recognised that this software wasn’t providing them with the functionality they required to help them run a successful contracting business with multiple projects on site and a high volume of transactions being made daily.

The decision was made by CCG to move away from IT Group and return to us for their software requirements. Bernie Rooney, Financial Director at CCG, explains why “Amongst many other contributing factors, there were two main reasons why we chose your software. These were quality of product and the support function provided.”

Bernie went on to expand on these key areas.

Quality of product

“We are a large contracting business dealing with large projects that involve contract costing with high volumes of transactions. We needed a system that could perform these transactions with great efficiency and this is exactly what ERP EVision does.

“The modules of ERP EVision have been tailored specifically to satisfy the uniqueness of the construction industry. In particular the way the software deals with VAT, contract sales, subcontractors and payroll, meets the demands of our business perfectly. The solution being offered by IT Group did not meet our expectations of how a construction software solution should operate.”

First class support

“The support we have received since our return has been second to none. We have seen big investments made in this area over the past 12 months and I can honestly say that the support team always addresses our needs in a thoroughly
professional and timely manner.”

Unrivalled choice

“Being an Eque2 customer also means unrivalled choice – their wide range of construction and business-wide software and services means they have a solution to meet our requirements, whether it’s document management and distribution, or an estimating system.”

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