Cheesmur & Sons (Lewes) Ltd, based in Sussex, was first established in 1936 and specialises in residential and commercial construction building maintenance and refurbishment, facilities management services, and heritage building restoration. By working closely with their clients and professional teams, Cheesmur ensures quality projects are achieved to programme and budget, cementing their high reputation in the industry.

In 2006, Cheesmur made the decision to implement a software package that could be streamlined to fit business processes and work the way they needed it to. Implementing Construction for Sage 50 Accounts, integrated with Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50 Payroll, empowered Cheesmur to manage all of their processes in one fully integrated solution. Since then, the company has benefitted from flexible reporting and excellent support through their longstanding use of the solution. Project management and accurate reporting is at the heart of everything Cheesmur does and Construction for

Sage 50 Accounts plays a crucial part in keeping this up-to-date and accurate. James Field, Finance Manager for Cheesmur,says “As Finance Manager, I’m constantly looking at projects to ensure the timely production of valuations and that costs are being properly managed. Construction for Sage 50 Accounts allows us to be proactive and spot potential problems well before they materialise, giving us valuable time to mitigate the impact; we have a much better snapshot of the business, from which we have the option to drill into far more detailed information within different departments and cost centres as and when required.”

James also explained, “The reporting module is excellent. Bespoke reports can easily be designed with the user in mind, meaning project managers and surveyors can generate their own reports at the click of a button.”

The seamless integration between Construction, Sage 50 Payroll and Sage 50 Accounts allows Cheesmur to have one single view of their business and removes hours of manual processing. One area that has particularly benefitted is the management of timesheets which are now fed straight through to payroll, then from payroll into accounts.

Technical support provided by Eque2 has been essential in solidifying the partnership with Cheesmur. James explains, “The support is excellent – I can email Eque2 about an issue and feel assured that this is being worked on. The support team keep you up to date with progress and offers a very personal approach.”While using Construction for Sage 50 Accounts, Cheesmur has been able to benefit from upgrades to new releases of the software. James says, “The latest version is really in tune with the look and feel of other Sage products, making our operating systems seamless and far more user-friendly. The software continues to improve in line with technological developments and e-commerce, allowing us to manage change and helps us realise improved efficiencies in our working practices.

“I couldn’t imagine life without Construction for Sage 50 Accounts, managing our workload in Excel or similar products would be unthinkable. The software allows us to accurately keep on top of all areas of the business, saving us time and money.”

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