Established in 1981, Coinford are groundworks, remediation and concrete frame specialists operating in London and the South East of England. Coinford implemented Eque2’s EVision construction accounting software in 2008 to help streamline business processes.

Working on a variety of projects ranging from £750,000 to £50m, Coinford are a well-established company that believe in continuously evolving to meet the changing demands of the construction industry. Part of this process of evolution is evaluating internal processes and software solutions used for these to make sure they are fit for purpose.

Aiding Compliance

Prior to implementing EVision, Coinford were using a simple, general accounting system, but recognised they required a more robust solution that could effectively manage construction specific processes such as CIS compliance. Eque2’s construction accounting software, EVision, provides Coinford with the capability to successfully manage all elements of their supply chain including CIS and VAT compliance for their subcontractors and suppliers.

Robert Kell, Finance Director at Coinford commented: ‘One of the biggest challenges we face as a company is ensuring we are compliant with CIS and VAT regulations. EVision is a crucial component to this managing both processes and submitting information directly to HMRC on a monthly basis which reduces risk for us and saves a great amount of time as it eliminates manual processes’.

Detailed Bespoke Reporting

The ability to produce tailored detailed reports from EVision using Jet Reports is another key benefit for Coinford. Jet Reports is a flexible reporting tool allowing you to create bespoke reports in Excel using real-time information held in EVision. Robert advised: ‘Using EVision as our primary ERP accounting solution allows us to conduct job profitability analysis and schedule accounting specific reports to aid decision making based on real-time data held within the system’.

In addition to tailored reports, as EVision is an SQL based system, it enables Coinford to create reports with information from other third party systems they use, eradicating silos of data and reporting across disparate systems.

Modern Technology

As EVision is built on the modern technology of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it seamlessly integrates with other best of breed solutions providing flexibility and helping meet the varied requirements of companies operating within the construction industry.

For example, as well as using Jet Reports to create bespoke reports, Coinford also use MiraclePay to ensure they are payroll compliant. MiraclePay is an HMRC recognised payroll solution that fully integrates with EVision allowing them to reduce administrative tasks and improve accuracy all from one location.

Coinford also utilise Zetadocs Document Management from Equisys and have gained great efficiencies from this as it allows them to store and retrieve documents from EVision saving time chasing paper copies around various departments.

As Coinford require detailed plant management specific functionality, they currently use a third-party specialist for this and using our Connector technology, they can integrate this solution with EVision.

Robert commented: ‘EVision provides us with great flexibility allowing us to leverage other systems and solutions and still create combined reports. This flexibility means the solution grows with us as we continue to evolve and our requirements change’.

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