Cook & Harris are highly regarded within the industry, and have an ever-growing customer base. Cook & Harris employ over 50 operatives and are capable of leading and managing projects up to £2 million in value.


Over the last 12 years, Cook & Harris have managed all their job costing needs through Sage Job Costing. We caught up with Rachel Hill, Finance Director at Cook & Harris, to discuss the kind of challenges they were experiencing by using non-industry specific accounting software.

Rachel commented “We began to find the software too basic for our needs, for example when we were trying to run profitability reports on jobs, we did not have the accuracy and level of detail our directors wanted to see. When adding labour for example, the incumbent system did not take into account N.I contributions or holiday pay etc. leading to the inaccurate costs of jobs”.

Rachel continued, “We also used to log retentions in a spreadsheet, so trying to remember when they were due, and what the amount was a challenge. Construct Express will allow us to manage retentions in one system and flag up when they are due which will be a big plus for us.”

“We generally found we were entering high volumes of data manually into the system which slowed down our efficiency. We decided it was time to look for a new system which was designed for construction companies”


When asked what the key reasons were behind their decision to select Eque2 and what they were hoping to gain from the new system, Rachel responded, “I am pleased with the speed, efficiency and accuracy Construct Express provides us. We will be able to streamline everything into one system. I was impressed with how Construct transfers data from our current Sage software – this was a huge selling point.”

We also asked Rachel how their internal teams adapted to using Construct Express?

“After the first month, we caught onto using the new system quickly, it is fairly easy to use especially when you are used to using Sage. I would say it has saved us a lot of time, especially on the payroll side. Before, we were entering all labour into Sage Job Costing, and then again into Sage Payroll, we can now enter it in Construct Express and it logs the information automatically to the job and then on pay date it does it all for me.”

“Equally on the CIS side, I was logging onto Inland Revenue and logging CIS separately but now I can do it in one system, it frees up a lot of my time as I am not entering information into two separate systems anymore.”

We asked Rachel, if she had ever watched one of our frequent weekly webinars?

“I found the webinars useful, when I logged in, I was shown everything. What attracted me to Eque2 were the similarities with Sage, I felt that if it’s similar to Sage I can learn it myself. Also, what it offers in updates of national insurance values, and the CIS element of it, I was doing separately. I can now do it in one system, so I save time”.

Overall “We are very happy with Construct Express, the more I use it and explore, the more I discover what it can do for us, we are getting everything we want to from it, it saves us time, we love the integration of timesheets with Sage Payroll and the one-click reports”.

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