ITC, one of the UK’s leading office fit-out and refurbishment companies have been using Eque2’s award-winning construction management software EVision for almost 10 years to integrate and manage their business processes.


Established in 1992, ITC have evolved into an award-winning, innovative company having worked on projects at well-known establishments such as the Imperial War Museum, London Eye and London Southbank University. Because the company often undertakes several large and complex projects at once, it is important for them to have the right software in place to support their activities. This where the use of Eque2’s EVision solution comes in.

ITC originally used Sage Line 100 to manage their accounting processes, but as the company grew and needs changed, they required a solution that would connect and manage all their business processes. The company considered various platforms, but decided that EVision was the most suitable ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution to provide them with the functionality they required.

Eradicating Silos

Prior to implementing the EVision solution, ITC found there was sometimes a disconnect between activities of the accounts and commercial teams, often due to various spreadsheets and programs being used by different teams. One of the benefits of using EVision is its ability to integrate with best in class applications, such as Zetadocs Capture from Equisys, which fully integrates into EVision allowing you to store emails and scanned documents with the appropriate records in EVision. With Zetadocs, the problem of paper chasing for the accounts team was resolved. In addition, having one point of data entry in EVision and everyone looking at the same information resulted in time savings across the company.

The ability to access the solution through a browser on a laptop, tablet or smartphone was also a contributing factor for ITC selecting EVision. John Gale, I.T. Manager at ITC commented: ‘The majority of surveyors within the company tend to work on-site, it was therefore important to ensure that they have access to the same information and tools/software that they would in the office to ensure they are just as efficient and productive.’

Software Driving Achievement of Objectives

John advised: ‘One of our key strategic focuses for the future is to eliminate manual processes by utilising the various technologies we have available which continue to become the cornerstone of all our activities.  We are also looking to drive all our core business information into one system so it’s clear, consistent, and easily accessible. It is vital that everyone is viewing the same information for decision making purposes. EVision clearly assists us with reaching these key objectives by enabling us to manage our business processes from one solution.’

Importance of Using the Latest Technology

Having used EVision for almost 10 years, ITC have upgraded from originally using Version 4 of the solution to now using Version 8 to benefit from the enhanced functionality since added into the product. For ITC, the enhancements to the CVR process in the latest versions have helped get further streamline communication within and between teams.

John also noted: ‘Being an innovative, forward thinking organisation, technology is key to our success and EVision is very much a part of this. We see the solution as being stable, scalable, easy to use, fully supported, and future proof as it’s built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. In addition, if people come and ask me a question, I can answer it quickly due to the information being easily accessible from one location.’

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