As the leading concrete industrial flooring contractor throughout the UK and Ireland, KonFloor provide clients with the complete one stop solution for the design and installation of concrete floor slabs.

Currently using Construct for Sage 50 Accounts, we spoke with Gemma Mcloughlin, Accountant at KonFloor to discuss why they opted for the solution and how it works in their business.

KonFloor Ltd were using Sage 50 Accounts with Project Costing to manage their business processes, this allowed them to manage their accounts, budgets and departments however there were many aspects of their business processes that were being tracked through manual spreadsheets. This caused many issues as information was held on different spreadsheets making it difficult to analyse and enter their company budgets, costs and the profit of their jobs. They also found it difficult to track their retentions effectively which was a big issue for them.

The business decided to implement a solution to help them manage all their business processes within one fully integrated solution. Due to the integration with their current Sage 50 Accounts solution, KonFloor opted for Construct for Sage 50 Accounts.

Implementing Construct for Sage Accounts allowed KonFloor to stick with their familiar Sage 50 Accounts solution whilst offering them advanced functionality that will replace their spreadsheets. Gemma Mcloughlin, Accountant at KonFloor said “Implementing Construct for Sage Accounts into our business has had a major impact on the way we work, we can accurately track the budgets and costs associated with our projects and clearly see the profit we are making from our jobs at the click of a button. Previously it would take me up to 2 hours to pull this information from spreadsheets and now it’s all done within 2 minutes, it’s great.

“We were also pleased to see that the software dealt with CIS processing, this allows us to submit our returns directly to the HMRC through the software. We can also track our retentions effectively which saves us an enormous amount of time”

Managing Procurement
Gemma discussed how Construct has improved their procurement processes. “Construct for Sage Accounts has allowed us to manage our procurement more effectively, all our invoicing and purchase orders are now managed directly through Construct, this ensures everything is held in one place and leaves no room for error. That software also highlights errors such as duplicates, meaning nothing is entered by mistake and all our costs are accurate.

“We also use the Invoice Capture module which allows us to scan documents with unique barcodes which are then automatically attached to transactions in Construct, this is a great tool, when I’m doing costings I can quickly double check everything is where it should be and has been entered correctly, there’s no searching through walls of files.”

Gemma finishes, “Construct for Sage Accounts has transformed the way we work at KonFloor, we can accurately track our budgets and see the profit of our jobs easily with greater accuracy. The software has also saved us an enormous amount of time as a business, we no longer have to spend hours focusing on a particular project to gather information, meaning we can focus on other areas of the business.”