Mackley, a marine civil engineering project specialist established in 1927 have been using Eque2’s contract management software, EVision, since 2008 to support their continued growth and development.


Supporting Growth:

Based in West Sussex with regional offices in Maidstone and Isle of Wight, Mackley were previously using Summit 2000 from RedSky IT, but needed to review how effective the solution was in bringing the various business functions together and prevent creating data silos. Having gone to market to explore other options, the Mackley team agreed that Eque2’s EVision ERP software would be the best solution to help provide them with complete visibility and connect departments, eradicating data silos.

In 2014, Mackley were acquired by large Dutch international marine contractor Van Oord. This took Mackley from a £15m turnover family run business to being part of a group with a turnover of £4bn. This acquisition resulted in additional reporting requirements at more regular intervals. With the need to create monthly and quarterly reports, in addition to annual forecasts looking forward three years, EVision helps Mackley ensure they can efficiently provide the required information and have confidence that it is accurate.

Stewart Miles, Financial Controller at Mackley commented: “Being part of such a large group means we need to be able to easily generate a number of reports promptly. Using EVision and Jet reports, we are able to easily build reports covering everything from standard management accounts, detailed CVR reports through to sales pipeline reports using real-time data, helping us make better informed decisions.” Jet reports is a reporting tool designed specifically for use with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, allowing you to create reports in the familiar environment of Excel using real-time data from EVision.

In 2017, Mackley upgraded to the most recent version of EVision, on the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which provided new functionality as it benefits from continued research and development from Microsoft. Stewart added “Going from our previous version of EVision to the latest version was a smooth transition. Although there were several enhancements, our teams were comfortable with the software, so it wasn’t like moving to an entirely new system and we didn’t need to retrain our teams which was a benefit.”

Role Tailored Dashboards:

One of the features of EVision V10 which has proved very beneficial to Mackley is the ability to have a role tailored system, so dashboards can be configured to various roles providing relevant information at their fingertips. Stewart commented “The beauty of the role tailored dashboard is that we are able to push information out to our teams, rather than individuals having to go searching for the information they need.”

The role tailored dashboards within EVision have helped Mackley achieve their objectives by making each department’s performance clearly visible, so they are able to monitor their progress in real-time against their set KPI’s.

Looking Ahead:

As well as using EVision to manage the full construction and contracting lifecycle, Mackley use Common Data Environment (CDE) software provided by Eque2’s sister company GroupBC to collect, manage and distribute project documentation in a standardised format. The CDE solution helps Mackley ensure they are BIM Level 2 compliant, which is a key requirement for some of the government projects they work on. Mackley are looking to use both Eque2’s EVision contract management software and GroupBC’s CDE solution as their sole systems across the business to create consistency, efficiently provide accurate information to clients and continue to help them meet their objectives.

Stewart concluded: “Using the latest version of EVision has definitely helped bring our commercial and finance teams together whilst supporting our objectives. The support team are very knowledgeable and quickly help us resolve any queries. The software is a key component of how we function, and we look forward to expanding its use going forward.”

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