MRS’s full range of services encompasses specialist surfaces, landscaping and fencing, car park layout and a full civil engineering offer. The specialised equipment used is also available for hire with fully trained personnel. Most importantly, MRS hold partnerships with Balfour Beatty, Galliford Try and local authorities in the Greater Manchester area.


Before engaging with Eque2, MRS were using an alternative solution provided by a competitor, MRS had been using the system up until they switched to Eque2’s Construct Express solution. Prior to selecting Eque2, there was a need to establish the ‘pain points’ of using the incumbent system that MRS were experiencing a number of issues with.

Evidently it became clear that MRS were experiencing issues with processes around reporting and tracking retentions, the support provided by the incumbent supplier was also an issue. Steven Kelly, Accounts & Purchasing Manager at MRS commented, “The reporting issues were a major factor in our decision, it wasn’t quick enough and not what we expected”. Reporting is fundamental for businesses within the construction industry, with so many numbers flying around it can be very difficult to establish the overall cost of a project vs what was budgeted vs what has been committed. Incorrect reports and reports that do not hold much detail can be very difficult to work with and very time consuming. The construction industry works on fine margins and it is imperative to have reports that are accurate and much more detailed to provide further visibility in real-time, making it easier and quicker for the business to make everyday business decisions.

Steven goes on to comment “We also could not track retentions in the way we wanted to, which impacted the overall business performance”. Tracking retentions is also fundamental to the ongoing success of any construction business. It is very important to log retentions into a system to act as a reminder that retention payment is now due once the retention date has expired, this is often not noted and can easily become lost in the masses of documents flowing through the business, leading to the loss of any monies held on retention.

Another major issue for MRS was the support being provided, Steven mentions “We were not getting the support we were expecting from them, there really wasn’t a lot of help, we did look at other suppliers however after being approached by Eque2 we felt Construct Express was a more recognised, cost effective solution which incorporated all of our requirements in one system”. At Eque2, you are provided with an Account Manager as a first point of contact to help you with any queries you may face, there is also a telephone-based support team available on hand to help with more detailed technical issues from day one.


MRS selected Eque2 for its ability to resolve the current issues MRS was facing, Steven comments “We selected Eque2 for its reporting capabilities, which are very detailed, clear and overall very beneficial, it was key to our purchase from Eque2. How Construct Express records retentions is also very good and what we desired, the overall look and feel of the product is very Sage, and the best bit for us is that Construct Express works together with Sage to give us everything we wanted”.

“Construct Express has a very professional look about it, when I first started with the company 6 years ago, we were sending applications out on a spreadsheet. Now when we create an application it looks very professional. To be able to now track everything especially from a credit control perspective is perfect for us, it’s a lot more slick”. Eque2 look forward to working with MRS and aspire to maintain a long and successful relationship.

To discuss the features and benefits of Eque2’s Construct Express for Sage accounting software, please contact a member of our team.