Operating since 2007, Proline Group have established themselves as one of the UK’s leading Building Services, Engineering and Maintenance Contractors. Having successfully delivered large complex projects across multiple sectors including the London City Airport digital air traffic control tower to Oak House Ward at Aintree Hospital, the company implemented Eque2’s EVision contract management software in 2017 to support their continued growth.


A Growing Business

Owing to their good reputation within the industry, Proline Group has grown from having an £11m turnover to £22m within a year with aspirations to continue growing. The business was previously managing business processes through a combination of Sage Accounts and standalone Excel spreadsheets. Gavin Preston, Group Finance and Growth Director at Proline Group commented: “With the growth we’ve been experiencing, we felt we needed to implement a solution that would easily provide us with accurate, timely information to help us meet increasing demands”. Eque2’s EVision contract management software provides Proline Group with real-time information from across the business, helping ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

Efficient Implementation

Proline Group reviewed various contract management software solutions in the market including that provided by COINS but felt the functionality offered by EVision was the best fit for them. Once the decision had been made to proceed with Eque2, Proline Group were keen to have EVision in place as soon as possible. Gavin commented: “We pressed hard to ensure that we were able to get up and running on the new solution with a five-month implementation as opposed to the proposed nine-month timeframe we were originally presented with. Eque2 helped us push the boundaries of the possible to make this happen and it’s an absolute credit to all those involved that we were able to achieve this!”

Connecting Departments

Relying on Sage and spreadsheets had created silos and a disconnect between departments, particularly with the finance and commercial teams which needed to be addressed. Since implementing the EVision contract management software, Proline Group have found both teams are working together more effectively, and the silos of data have been removed. Gavin said: “As we use the CVR reporting functionality within EVision, it will only further improve the efficiency of the team and the overall success of the group”.

Supporting Corporate Objectives

One of Proline Group’s key objectives is to be one of the most trusted and respected mechanical and electrical engineering and maintenance contractors in the UK, with a passion for delivering an outstanding service. Gavin added: “In order to achieve this objective, we have to effectively manage our business processes and financial information. EVision provides us with a clear view of our costings, helping us win more work as we are able to easily identify areas where we can pass on cost savings to our customers”.

Doug Openshaw, Head of Sales at Eque2 commented “We are happy we were able to meet the implementation requirements of Proline Group and now the solution is in place we’re pleased to see EVision positively impacting business processes and look forward to continually supporting their objectives and growth aspirations”.

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