Company rebranding allied to the introduction of a Regional Office Structure, required systems which could accurately support the brand promise of Robertson Homes.

A core team was established from experienced business users (land, surveying, buying, finance, sales, customer care and IT) to identify the requirements of a new system. A project definition document was prepared by the end users for systems assessment. This was incorporated into a proposal that included resource requirements, hardware and training needs for budget preparation.

The assessment of systems identified Housebuilding as the core business system to run alongside their existing accounting solution.

Implementations began with the key team members having responsibility for the various modules. A timeline spanning 6 months was produced and this was used to monitor progress.

Success and benefits

The success of the implementation was made possible due to professional project management and the ‘can do’ attitude of the implementation team. The benefits have been seen throughout the business:

  • Real time information for build, sales, care and visitors
  • Single input with reduction in errors
  • Staff efficiency
  • Increased site layout efficiency
  • Site deployment for improved sales lead and progress tracking
  • Valuable visitor information, marketing, profiling, target spending
  • Highlights inefficient subcontractors and poor customer care response
  • Improved customer care both pre and post completion
  • Ability to design out poor components and processes with thorough after-sales monitoring
  • In-built query tool for ad hoc reports along with standard reports
  • Uniformity of reporting information
  • Improved K.P.I.s and financial data across the business
  • Improved internal benchmarking e.g. build periods, sales and legal performance

The Housebuilding implementation carried out by Robertson Homes was carefully planned, researched and time managed. The implementation was driven by business needs, researched and resourced with a clear project plan that was completed on time and within budget. This was a considerable achievement for a wide-ranging business system such as Eque2 Housebuilding.

Innovation in real time information

Billy McFadyen, Regional Managing Director of Robertson Residential, commented, “The system gives us a clear vision, with real time information to deal with a rapidly changing market. The availability of real time information across such a wide range of business functions is seen to be genuinely innovative in the house building industry which traditionally relies heavily on periodic historic reporting.” Billy continues, “With Housebuilding, the visibility of events in our construction and sales programmes is better than ever which leads to much better prediction of costs and resource planning within the organisation. Also, the amount of data that can be extracted using Housebuilding’s in-built query tool is proving invaluable to manage the business at optimum efficiency.”

Robertson has rolled the sales systems out to every site which has significantly increased their sales and conversion rates. The system has helped to identify high demand for premium house types allowing sales to be secured on selected plots at a significantly higher price than originally planned. “Our Sales Executives love the system” commented Billy. “They say they now wouldn’t work for anyone who doesn’t have a system like this and they can see the effect on their own performance through the increased commission they are earning.” Robertson will also be using Housebuilding to update its website automatically which will result in further time and overhead efficiencies.

Full support in implementation

The Robertson team was also particularly pleased with the implementation approach. The documentation and guidance developed to support the new software kept the project on track from start to finish.

Billy McFadyen commented, “The identification of the resources we would need, and visibility of key project milestones provided by Eque2’s approach was a significant factor in the success of this project. We were able to accurately predict the resources necessary to keep momentum in the project and we completed the software configuration in a remarkably short time.”

Billy goes on to say, “All of our staff have found Eque2’s approach very refreshing and productive when compared with previous experience of software implementations. The support and service levels offered are also to be praised and we have total confidence that we will get a constructive and positive response to resolving any issues as they arise.”

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