ROL specialise in water retaining structures and various other structures, involved in the day to day workings of sewer treatment plants & water treatment plants. With new clients, and rising turnover year on year despite current economic conditions, ROL’s approach to every project is to ensure work is carried out to the highest quality, with special attention paid to all aspects of a site.

Prior to upgrading to Eque2’s Construct for Sage 50 Accounts, ROL were using our entry-level solution, Construct Express. We met with Prayank Agarwal, Management Accountant at ROL to explore the reasons behind ROL’s decision to upgrade to our full, Construct for Sage 50 package.

We asked Prayank, what were the reasons behind your initial decision to implement Construct Express?

“We initially selected and used Construct Express for around a year before we upgraded. Originally, as a new product we wanted to see how Construct Express would integrate with Sage and how it would help drive our business forward”.

Prayank went on to mention, “Cost was a factor and helped in the overall decision-making process. However, another main factor that appealed to us was the integrated CIS module within Construct Express, which Sage Job Costing does not do. In addition to this, Construct Express gave us the ability to pull more detailed bespoke reports”.

We then asked Prayank, what were the reasons behind your decision to upgrade from Construct Express to full version of Construct for Sage 50?

“As our business grew we opted to upgrade to the full version Construct because we required additional licences and more detailed functionality in certain areas. For example, we wanted to be able to manage invoices electronically and also manage more information relating to our subcontractors, such as processing applications within the system”.

Prayank went on to mention, “The added benefit of using the full version of Construct for Sage 50 is that it also contains more detailed reports, plus as it is provided with onsite support we could make sure everything was setup just as we needed it”.

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