TEC Construction is a specialist Care Home Construction company, who pride themselves on the knowledge and experience of their directors and employees making them successful leaders within
the industry. This experience dates back to 1962 helping TEC Construction be the family run business it is today.

TEC Construction were previously a Red Sky customer using Summit 1000, after 9 months the business quickly realised they needed to change their software package after struggling with numerous processes and the user interface of the software creating problems with business management.

After searching for a more user-friendly and reliable software, they found that Construction for Sage 50 Accounts was the perfect fit for their business. TEC Construction were able to instantly put their trust into us from our honesty and tailored effective solutions to help enhance their company’s needs.

During the implementation process, TEC Construction could not have been more delighted with how intuitive and manageable our software was, this instantly put all users of their team at ease. The business also implemented Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50 Payroll which has allowed them to streamline all of their business processes effectively.

After implementing Construction for Sage 50 Accounts, TEC Construction were able to keep track of all processes of their business, which they previously had difficulty with whilst using other software.

They can now budget and report each project accurately with our simple and time effective financial system allowing all information to be kept up-to date.

One of the key features they use is the contracts and variations module, which is very valuable to their company and having a system to manage this is extremely beneficial for them. The integration between Construction for Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50 accounts and payroll has greatly enhanced their company’s process, they can accurately record their timesheets in payroll and keep track of their overheads within their accounts system.

Chris Cracknell, Office Manager of TEC Construction, says “I have had a fantastic experience with the technical support team, the very few times that I have needed to contact them I’ve always been impressed with the friendly service offered. Their team will make you feel fully supported as they spend time sitting down and talking through any process in great detail and help as you go through it yourself. Their support is very impressive.”

TEC Construction recently upgraded to the latest version of Construction for Sage 50 Accounts and have been extremely happy with this release, Chris advised the latest release has proved to be a lot more user-friendly, he says “as a Sage user, the program matched the same look and feel as Sage 50 Accounts and Payroll and the software definitely has a more modern theme, there have been no complaints and everyone’s user experience has improved.”

Since implementing Construction for Sage 50 Accounts there has been a substantial amount of time and money saved within Tec Construction, Chris explains “one of the main benefits we now have is that it has freed up a lot of time for members of the staff so they can focus on other areas of the business.” Chris advised it has improved his business lifestyle massively, Construction for Sage 50 Accounts has gave him the flexibility to be able to connect to the network and work from home and he is still able to keep up to date with the system.

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