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W Stirland currently work within the Education, Health, Residential and Commercial industry, providing services to local Universities, the local County and District Council and many established housing associations.


Prior to selecting Eque2, W Stirland relied on running processes using manual spreadsheets to manage all job costing. This caused duplication internally and slowed down the efficiency of the teams at W Stirland. Kay Gallagher, Finance Director comments “Previously, we managed our job costing processes using spreadsheets, alongside another construction software package that was totally inaccurate – we had many endless hours of frustration, high stress levels and poor support with it, which led us to go to market to seek a new software solution provider”.

Kay continued, “We looked at and researched a lot of other software providers, however the reason we went with Eque2 was because the sales team were extremely honest and open, and very proactive in helping us find the best solution for our requirements. The close relationship Eque2 has with Sage was also a key factor as Sage is known and trusted within our business and many in the team already felt comfortable using Sage.


After selecting and beginning to use Construct for Sage, Kay commented “There was a bit of a learning curve because we had to think slightly differently, but the support provided has been outstanding. Previously I remember pulling reports from our old construction software package that were clearly inaccurate but having Construct is like a breath of fresh air.” Construct for Sage provides detailed analysis and reporting by project, pulling relevant information directly from within Sage, helping you to keep an eye on margins and maintain full visibility across the business.

In regards to minimising duplication and improving staff efficiency, Kay commented “The workload within the office has lessened and personally I no longer have to work every weekend and late nights – I’m so pleased that we made the move. The integration with Sage is key because of the audit trail and the ability to follow everything through”.

Many businesses choose to use manual spreadsheets to manage job costings, this uses up a lot of resources and causes duplication within the business, often employees work in their own time to complete office work, with Construct for Sage from Eque2 you can easily integrate job costing and accounting information in one easy to manage package, which has a positive impact on staff efficiencies.

Kay goes on to comment “I would honestly recommend Construct for Sage, I think it goes a long way that we have never had an issue with Eque2’s staff or software. Whenever Sage do an update we receive a timely communication from Eque2. It’s so nice that Eque2 look at everything, carry out the upgrade and check everything works, then communicate to us on when and how we should upgrade. The customer support is exemplary and we are so pleased with Construct so much that we have now placed an order for EValuate, Eque 2’s estimating software”.

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