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Construct for Sage Accounts Webinars

Join our next free online webinar for Construct for Sage 50

Construct for Sage Accounts is the most popular contract management solution for small to medium sized contractors used by over 1,400 businesses throughout the UK and Ireland.

This comprehensive and flexible construction accounting software solution provides you with the tools required to run and manage your business effectively and efficiently, helping you to increase margins, reduce risk, manage projects and save time and money.

Whether you’re already using Sage Accounts, Excel spreadsheets or software from another provider, discover how to run your business at optimal efficiency and profitability.

Our free online webinars will show you how you can streamline processes between contractors, subcontractors and HMRC covering the following topics:

  • Job Costing
  • Client Billing
  • CIS & subcontractor management
  • Managing Plant
  • Applications & Retention’s
  • Managing Variations
  • Reporting

Register for our upcoming webinar topics below

Drowning in spreadsheets? There’s an easier way to manage your contracts and report on projects without going over budget

Learn how you can get better control and real-time visibility of your contract costs using Sage.

This webinar will be covering how you can put an end to costs running over budget without you knowing it by allocating budgets to cost codes to track labour and materials. Be alerted at the point of raising a purchase order if the budget has been exceeded and also at the point of entering a purchase invoice if your supplier has charged you more than the order value.

Managing Variations using Sage: Monitor and account for Variations on jobs, automatically

Discover how you can manage Variations on your contracts alongside Sage.

This webinar will show you how you can create a Contract alongside Sage for each of your jobs and assign budgets to help you monitor the build-up of costs. It will also show you how you can create a Variation on a Contract so you can see the original budget and the budget for each individual Variation.

Reporting on your construction projects: Learn how to create a contract WIP report in seconds

Discover how to follow the same best practice reporting methods adopted by hundreds of other construction companies that use Sage.

This webinar will show you how you can quickly drop construction-related project data into Excel, run industry best practice reports showing information on WIP and Retentions. We’ll also show how you can use dashboards to customise the exact information you need to run your business.

Managing Subcontractors and CIS

Discover how you can manage your subcontractors more efficiently using Sage.

Find out how you can calculate CIS automatically, validate and track subcontractor insurance policies, monitor their performance and generate subcontractor payment statements at a click of a button.



How your QS can benefit from Sage –  Gain tighter control over Applications, Valuations and Retentions (without spreadsheets)

Discover how you can fully track your Application for Payment process with Sage using a construction-specific accounting tool.

This webinar will show you how you can track money you have applied for versus what has been certified, invoiced and crucially, what cash has been received against each of your jobs, helping you to gain an accurate, real-time financial picture of each individual job.

Managing Plant

Discover how you can better manage and control plant hire alongside Sage.

Plant hire costs can quickly get out of hand on a project. Would you like to know when plant hire costs are running over on a project and specifically which items are over budget? Should you be raising a client variation or adjusting your pricing for future estimates? This webinar will show you how you can add plant hire onto your estimates and then use that information to monitor what is actually hired against what was budgeted.

Short for time? view a recording below

Construct for Sage 50 Accounts is a comprehensive and flexible finance solution providing you with the tools to run and manage your business effectively and efficiently, helping you to increase margins, manage projects and save time and money. Construct for Sage delivers transparency, functionality and accountability and is the perfect solution for small and medium-size contractors.

“I started searching online and watched a webinar before inviting Eque2 to show us what they could do with a live demo. I made the decision to purchase Eque2 two weeks later when a consultant came out. The face to face meeting was great”.

Phil Woolland, Managing Director at Hawkspear.

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