Construct Sage 200 Construction Software

Construction Software for Sage 200

Construct for Sage 200 Accounts is the platform of choice for medium to large contractors that require the combination of a sophisticated contract management system and a highly flexible accounting platform

The unique integration of Construct with Sage 200 Accounts provides businesses
with the ultimate flexibility and ability to analyse and manage the full variety of construction
projects and types.




Same construction-specific functionality as Construct for Sage 50

All the core functionality of Construct for Sage 50 is included within our Construct for Sage 200 package. In addition, integration with Sage 200 Accounts provides contractors with an additional layer of financial flexibility over and above the Sage 50 platform.


Flexible/Closed Period Accounting

Greater flexibility will allow you to close certain accounting periods to stop the back posting of transactions. This will hold period costs/revenue and stop period end reports from changing. Reports can be generated by transaction date but also by accounting period to allow for additional analysis.


Advanced 3-tiered Nominal Code structure

Advanced reporting is available as Construct for Sage 200 provides a third tier to the Nominal code structure called Cost Centres. This allows you to analyse reports by nominal code, e.g. Purchases, or by cost centre, e.g. Electrical or by department, e.g. North West.


Detailed Nominal Budget Analysis

Advanced Nominal budget setting over multiple years and based on previous actuals or Excel imports enables reporting directly from the program.


Suggested Payments Routine & Queried Invoices

When queries are posted from Construct to Sage 200, a suggested payments file is automatically created – queries can be authorised and multiple changes made then all payments created in one step.


Wider choice of payment terms

Sage 50 works on a static payment term structure e.g. X days from document date. Sage 200 allows further options such as X days from invoice date, calendar monthly, from the start of the current month, from the end of the current month.


Stock Management

Sage 200 automatically makes Nominal Ledger adjustments as Stock Ledger transactions are posted, saving time and improving accuracy. Sage 200 also enables multiple stock locations. All stock movements can track the yard/depot (or even van) so that levels can be properly managed as well as valued.


Foreign Currency on Purchases

For businesses which purchase goods or services in multiple currencies, the integration with Sage 200 will calculate the base currency based on the current exchange rate leading to more accurate accounting figures and removes the need to manually calculate the base currency values.


Integrated Excel Reporting

Sage 200 provides an Excel based reporting tool which allows the user to extract data into Microsoft Excel using set templates which can easily be sliced and diced using Excel Slicers. Data can be presented in an Excel based dashboard using standard Excel Graphs and Charts.

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