Sage 50 Construction Accounting Software
Construct for Sage 50 Construction Software

Construction Software for Sage 50

Construct for Sage 50 Accounts is the most popular contract cost management solution for small and medium size contractors in the construction industry.

This comprehensive and flexible construction accounting software solution provides you with the tools to run and manage your business effectively and efficiently, helping you to increase margins, manage projects and save time and money.




Contract Budgeting / Job Costing

User defined and fully editable budget templates with cost codes allow you to easily setup and track jobs based on real-time progress of Budgets v Ordered v Delivered/Accrued v Actuals v Cost to Complete.


Purchase Order Processing

Ability to raise purchase orders, with appropriate authorisation rules, and track
them against contract budgets to highlight overspend. Utilise the Construct Mobile Delivery Notes app to match orders to what was delivered onsite and invoiced.


Managing Subcontractors

Reduce manual work and risk of errors with online CIS verifications, insurance & CSCS
tracking. Monitor performance ratings and manage subcontracted orders, subcontractor applications, invoice matching, cumulative tracking and self-billing payment certifications.


Applications & Retentions

Keep accurate records of Applications for Payment, and details of Sales
Invoices received. Track retentions held by or against you to make sure they are claimed for at the appropriate points using automatically calculated release dates.


Advanced Reporting

Powerful advanced reporting module, based on Microsoft Excel, allows you to closely monitor project performance and reduce reliance on your accounts team for contract information.


Plant Hire Orders & Tracking

Realise the true impact of plant costs on your contracts by recording plant orders,
on hire/off hire tracking per contract. Receive overspend warnings and accrued costs. Match invoices back to relevant on/off hire period.


Mobile Delivery Notes

Enabling you to join up your team on-site with the back office to consistently achieve a three-way match between purchase orders raised, the goods which turn up on-site and the invoices you are asked to pay.


Document Attachments

Eliminate the need to store physical copies of documents by attaching them electronically to any record in Construct at any level. Access key contract documentation in one click.



Unique integration with Sage Payroll allows for the generation of PAYE timesheet job costing entries.

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Case Study

W Stirland

Watch the W Stirland Video Case Study W Stirland currently work within the Education, Health, Residential and Commercial industry, providing services to local Universities, the local County and District Council and many established housing associations. Challenge Prior to selecting Eque2, W Stirland relied on running processes using manual spreadsheets to manage all job costing. This […]

W Stirland

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Dulley celings and partitions

Challenge Prior to selecting Construct for Sage 50 from Eque2, Dulley relied on running numerous spreadsheets to maintain their business operations, experiencing a number of issues by doing so. Ian Dulley, Account Manager at Dulley comments, “We used to be all Excel based, and were inputting data two or three times into different spreadsheets. All […]

Dulley Ceilings and Partitions

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Benfield & Loxley Ltd select Eque2’s Construction for Sage 50 over RedSky Summit 1000

Eque2 are pleased to announce that Benfield & Loxley Ltd have selected Construction for Sage 50 accounts, our comprehensive, flexible construction contract management solution to help them protect margins and manage projects. Benfield & Loxley are a specialist building developer which established in 2011. Benfield & Loxley are situated in the city of Oxford and […]

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Companies from across the sector upgrade to modern Sage construction accounting software from Eque2

Managing the complexities of a construction or contracting project requires tools that fully support your business processes. As demonstrated by the 3 stories below, using modern Sage construction accounting software can provide many wins for your construction business and save valuable time and resources throughout the lifecycle of a project.

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8 more organisations select ‘Construction for Sage 50’

Eque2 would like to welcome a further 8 new customers who have selected our premium offering ‘Construction for Sage 50’. Built with Sage 50 accounts at its core, Construction for Sage 50 is a contract costing tool designed to save time, streamline construction-specific processes and help improve the visibility of the accurate performance of a […]

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Eque2 construction accounting software helps more businesses reduce reliance on spreadsheets

Read how these businesses have reduced the amount of manual processes with an industry-specific solution from Eque2. Many construction businesses still rely on multiple Excel spreadsheets and standalone non-industry specific solutions to manage their business processes. This leads to many wasted hours of manually preparing data in spreadsheets to generate relevant reports, raise invoices and […]

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Eque2 helps construction businesses advance their use of Sage

As a construction business grows, it is common for them to require functionality more advanced and specific to the sector than their existing Sage accounts software was originally designed to provide. At this point it is common for businesses to look at industry specific solutions like Eque2, to provide the advanced functionality they now require. […]

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Eque2 helps more construction firms control costs and eliminate manual processes

Modern construction-specific software provides your contract managers and accounts team with the financial visibility they need to control costs on all projects and remove the need to manually re-key information from one system or spreadsheet to another. At Eque2, our consultative approach helps businesses modernise their back office systems by first understanding the specific challenges […]

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Eque2 proves familiarity is key when upgrading to construction software

When your construction business is growing, it is important to invest in a software provider that will grow with you, providing you with functionality that covers each area of the business. It is also best to look for a provider whose software is built on an intuitive, flexible, widely-used platform; such as Sage and Microsoft, […]

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Eque2 see another 4 companies replace manual processes with construction accounting software to increase efficiency

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