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Cloud-based Field Service Management Software for Planned and Reactive Maintenance works

Managing the administration of planned or reactive maintenance works is a complex process once you are running a certain volume of jobs. To capture job details, manage the scheduling of engineers, report on SLA’s (service level agreements) and ensure customers can see the status of their job at any point in time, many contractors use dedicated maintenance management software.

Record Job Details

Quickly determine which job is next in line, with automatic job numbering you can view how many jobs you have, and in which order they need servicing to provide a quick and efficient response.

Allocate jobs based on priority

Automatically differentiate between incoming jobs based on priority level, allowing you to allocate relevant staff to the relevant job so you never miss an SLA.

Assign jobs to mobile engineers

Quickly assign jobs to your most appropriate engineer based on a specific skill set, allowing you to reduce the number of times you may need to revisit a job.

View service history

Get an insight into previous client service history so you can proactively take the best approach when dealing with each individual job.

Monitor real-time status of each job

Monitor the status of each job in the queue against SLA. Proactively plan future jobs, and spot potential engineer training requirements.

SLA Reporting

Accurately report on jobs to determine which jobs are overrunning and affecting your SLA, to prevent unhappy customer satisfaction and penalties.

Track labour and material costs

Monitor and track material and labour transactions to accurately invoice and cost for all materials and engineer time spent on site. Pre-purchase the right materials for each job to ensure jobs are not waiting for parts to arrive, ultimately impacting your SLA.

Accurate client invoicing

Automatically bill for client invoicing once a job is complete, with supporting evidence and audit trail, in line with agreed service level agreements to limit payment disputes.

Explore the Eque2 Maintenance product range

ServiceStream Maintenance & Service Management Software

ServiceStream is a maintenance & field service management software solution designed for contractors of all sizes either in the reactive building and property maintenance sector or those with a maintenance arm to their contracting business.

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