In the construction industry, a new study showed that many companies are still failing to keep up with the latest technology and relying on outdated methods which can impede growth, slow up projects and, at worst, harm profits.

As Eque2 experienced during its participation in the recent CIOB programme on ‘Remastering the Future’, there is a high level of innovation taking place in the industry; however, its widespread adoption is in its infancy.

Construction companies who don’t embrace emergent tech trends risk lagging behind more tech-savvy competitors, as well as making themselves less appealing to workers; a recent survey found that over two-thirds of trade employees would prefer to work for a business that adopted digital technology over one that was ‘stuck in the past’, with 33% saying it would make them ‘more productive and effective’.

The study also found employees favour new technology to make their working lives easier, with 32% keen to use mobile devices in the workplace.

Colin Yates, Chief Support Officer at WorkMobile, who conducted the survey, said: ‘Investment in mobile technology brings a wealth of benefits for businesses, and also for their employees. The benefits are hard to dispute when so many companies have already reaped the rewards of switching.’

At the heart of this is a stark warning to companies who still rely on paper: embrace new technology or risk losing top talent to more forward-thinking competitors. Eque2 regularly listens to its customers’ requirements to understand how new technologies can make a tangible improvement to overcome challenges facing construction firms.

Recent developments have included the launch of a Mobile Delivery Notes app for our Construct for Sage construction job costing software solution, which puts an end to the age-old problem of matching what is ordered from suppliers with what actually turns up on-site.

Using mobile technology in this way, Construct for Sage customers can enjoy job-costing accuracy and WIP reporting. There is also the ability to record actual volumes received and take photographic evidence of damaged items. Furthermore, Construct Mobile Delivery Notes allows users to prevent inaccurate invoices by raising queries with suppliers when they happen in real time.

To discuss how Eque2 can help your company embrace modern technology contact a member of the team or explore our construction job costing software solutions.