For SMEs, finding construction-specific accounting software that suits your business can be challenging. Eque2’s Construct Express is the ideal first step into construction-specific software, allowing you to run your business more efficiently, productively and proactively, without any complicated switchover or new systems to learn.

We’re developing resources to introduce those unfamiliar with our products to the multiple ways software can make running your business easier and more efficient. Our latest resource for construction industry SMEs offers a chance to discover Construct Express, a ‘lighter’ version of our Construct for Sage 50 solution, but with many of the time- and money-saving benefits of our full Construct package.

Construct Express offers construction-specific accounting processes which make it easy to record jobs, log essential project information and keep abreast of costs, both budgeted and actual. Plus, Construct Express’ unique integration with Sage means data is stored in one easy-to-use and familiar system.

For smaller contractors looking to improve cost-efficiency to grow their business, Construct Express offers an all-in-one solution, improving reporting accuracy and cutting down time spent manually rekeying data between Sage and spreadsheets, in turn freeing up staff time for more important tasks.

With customers as diverse as road surfacing contractors, building companies and welding firms already reaping the benefits of this versatile software, we’re spreading the word to all SMEs wanting to streamline business processes.

To see if construction accounting software is right for your business, you can download our free infographic which will walk you through advantages of using construction- or contracting-specific software. From staying on top of retention release dates to reducing costs stemming from lack of visibility, for example overdue plant hire fees, the infographic clearly breaks down the potential financial benefits for your business.

Alternatively, you can find out more information by watching this short webinar exploring Construct Express.

“Construct Express is a competent piece of software, it has a professional look and feel and provides more visibility on the reporting side. When we used to create applications, we used to send them out using spreadsheets, now we have the ability to track everything, especially from a credit control perspective.” – Manchester Road Surfacing