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See why another 14 contractors in September chose Construct for Sage as their job costing solution

October 24, 2019

In this article, we will be looking at some of the key reasons why construction companies are choosing to embrace purpose-built Sage job costing software, specifically designed for the construction industry’s needs and requirements.

Continue reading to find out the individual reasons why three of our fourteen new customers in September have opted to implement Construct for Sage 50 for their contract job costing processes. Read on to discover how you too can maximise your margins, improve efficiencies and support the growth of your business.

M & J Ballantyne Ltd (M & J) are a building contractor and housebuilder operating in the Scottish Borders. When M & J initially contacted  Eque2, they were using RedSky for their job costing alongside Causeway for their estimating processes, however, the business faced a number of issues as both systems  did not integrate with each other, leaving M & J with an extensive workload to handle all the duplication of records between both solutions.

M & J were very accustomed to their previous job costing and estimating software which had been in place for many years, yet they were prepared to make the change to Construct for Sage for their job costing solution alongside  EValuate for their estimating as the business was seeking a more streamlined process, access to powerful reporting and the ability to publish detailed estimates into their job costing software.

CPC Civils (CPC) are a national civil engineering contractor who specialise in waterways infrastructure, district heating and civil engineering. Prior to selecting Eque2, CPC Civils had previously used both Sage Job Costing and Sage Projects. When CPC was awarded with a large project, they urgently required a Construction-specific job costing system to manage and report on projects from the newly won open-book style contract. Soon after, CPC Civils decided to implement Construct for Sage 50 across the businesses entire range of projects after seeing the benefits of the superior solution first-hand. CPS now look forward to cutting out the duplication of efforts, in particular the need to upload excel sheets in to Sage Projects, in addition to being able to proactively react to business circumstances faster with instant reporting and the ability to unite all teams under one system, three-way matching reports informing them of committed, accrued and actual spend, tracking plant and minimising the time the plant is hired for.

Riva Homes are an award-winning house builder based in the Leeds area. They were using manual Excel spreadsheets to manage their job costing and had recently hired two additional staff members who had previous experience working with Construct for Sage 50. Both new staff members made a  strong case for moving to Sage and using Construct for Sage 50 to save time by reducing the duplication of effort when transferring data across spreadsheets, provide instant reporting to detect any unexpected costs early, manage variations and subcontractor part-payments, track retentions and deal with cumulative billing.

Eque2 look forward to working with and supporting all our new customers on their individual journeys.. If you would like more information on how Eque2’s construction-specific job costing software could help your business, please get in touch for your free non-obligatory demo by calling us on 0161 939 0111 or emailing us at

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