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19 contractors select Eque2’s modern job costing software in August

September 9, 2020

In this article, we will be clarifying how contractors can entirely replace the need for manual spreadsheets by using Construct for Sage, the market-leading construction job costing software.

Continue reading as we take a look into a sample of 3 of our 19 new customers who selected purpose-built Sage software, specifically designed to streamline, and overcome any accounting challenges faced by contractors.


Stone House Projects Ltd

Stone House Projects Ltd (Stone House) are fit out contractors based in West Yorkshire and are specialists in delivering commercial interior design and the manufacture of bespoke furniture. Stone House were originally using Sage 50 alongside manual spreadsheets to manage their contracts and handle their job costing.

Stone House relied on spreadsheets to create their purchase orders, however, this meant that the copy that was put onto Sage 50 Accounts was not linked to invoicing, budgets, or deliveries.  This meant that there was no easy way to know if there were any outstanding PO’s on their jobs which required work to be duplicated in order to create WIP reports.

Whilst these spreadsheets provided an insight into the performance of their jobs, Stone House were creating multiple reports that had to be created into other spreadsheets in order to create margin trackers. Due to the amount of time consumed in this process, Stone House were unable to keep their margin trackers up to date.

Following the arrival of a new Financial Controller at the company, the high level of administrative tasks was identified as excessive and the inability to access live data led Stone House to seek a construction-specific job costing software that would be able to streamline their processes. Not wanting to move from their current accounts package, Stone House were in the market for a solution that could integrate with their Sage 50 and they considered multiple solutions from different vendors in order to find the right construction job costing software for them.

After Stone House had contacted Eque2, one of our consultants took the time to discuss and ensure they understood Stone House’s full requirements before arranging an online demonstration where the Financial Controller could see the job costing software in action.

Once Stone House saw how Construct for Sage seamlessly integrates into Sage 50 Accounts and was capable of replacing their cumbersome manual spreadsheets with a single system, they selected Construct for Sage as their job costing software.


Perimeter Solutions Ltd

Perimeter Solutions Ltd (Perimeter Solutions) are a Kent based fencing contractor, providing the supply and installation of both temporary and permanent fencing enclosures. Perimeter Solutions were originally using an all-in-one solution from another software provider; however, this was difficult to use and many processes still were being completed using manual spreadsheets. Perimeter Solutions were ready to look for a problem-free job costing software to replace it.

Perimeter Solutions were unhappy with the level of applicability of their previous job costing software to their processes, as they were routinely directed by the software support to delete data and make changes that were at odds with their own accounting protocols. Due to the difficulties when using their previous software, Perimeter Solutions found themselves employing a retrospective review process due to a lack of live data being fed through.

Perimeter Solutions decided that they required an accounts package from a more widely-used provider, like Sage, and they wanted to learn more about how Eque2’s Construct for Sage can offer contract cost management functionality in addition to Sage 50 Accounts. After an online demonstration of the software, Perimeter Solutions were impressed by how much more user-friendly Construct for Sage was compared to their old software.

Now that Perimeter Solutions have selected Construct for Sage as their job costing software, they will be able to confidently move their processes from manual spreadsheets and begin to review all of their projects with live data.


The Beacon Group Ltd

The Beacon Group Ltd (Beacon) are a London based umbrella company of integrated contractors working closely together to provide mechanical and electrical services as well as fabric installation. With an annual turnover of £2m, Beacon were originally using Sage 50 alongside spreadsheets.

Beacon were struggling to manage their job costing, variations, and client billing with their manual processes and needed a job costing software that could integrate with their Sage 50 Accounts and remove the need to rekey the same data between spreadsheets. With the intention of expanding the business in the near future, Beacon wanted to preserve the organisation’s lean staff structure and sought for a solution that would enable their accounts team to be able to work more efficiently.

Following a free non-compulsory demonstration, Beacon saw how they could save time and have greater visibility on all of their projects using the Construct for Sage. After Beacon were able to see how they could fully put an end to duplicating their project costs and contract values, they selected Construct for Sage as their job costing software as they recognised how this would enable them to become more efficient and handle more contracts as they expand, without the need to increase the size of their accounts team further.


Eque2 look forward to working with and supporting all our new customers on their exciting journey. If you would like more information on how Eque2’s construction-specific Sage job costing software could help your business moving forward, request a demo today by calling us on 0161 939 0111 or by emailing us at

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