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23 Contractors use ‘Lockdown’ to Prepare for a Fast & Strong Recovery with Construction Accounting, Job Costing and Estimating Software from Eque2

May 28, 2020

Eque2 is proud to support over 2,650 businesses across every area of the construction industry and have been dedicated to supporting our customers through this period of disruption and concern. We have also been fortunate to be trusted by some companies to help support their preparations for a safe, fast, and strong recovery.

In this article, we look at how a selection of the construction businesses we’ve had the pleasure to work with over the last 6-8 weeks, have used the ‘lockdown’ period positively and proactively to ensure they are best placed to protect margins and streamline processes in the future, by investing in modern construction accounting, job costing and estimating software.


EValuate and Construct tick all the boxes for Concept Bespoke Interiors

Whilst enjoying a period of rapid growth, the team at Concept were conscious that the systems they were using to manage the increase in tenders, projects, and transactions, were being pushed to their limits. However, like many fast-growing companies, the time available to take a step back and review more suitable options was very limited.

When the team at Concept Developments were invited to one of Eque2’s popular educational webinars, they quickly came to realise how Eque2 could help them build upon their existing Sage Accounts system.

After the initial demo, it became clear that Construct for Sage and its project costing capabilities, combined with Eque2’s powerful EValuate estimating software provided a perfect fit for their entire processes, working alongside Sage Accounts.

In one solution, they will now have the ability to manage their full project lifecycle, from producing accurate estimates by managing their subcontractor tendering process online; managing actual costs against budgets brought across from the successful tender; completing onsite valuations via a mobile app, and producing subcontractor payment certificates which automatically triggers a bill to the customer – all integrated into their existing Sage Accounts software.


Hilljet Construction utilise ‘lockdown’ to get new accounting and job costing software in place

Whilst time is normally the biggest barrier facing finance and commercial teams trying to review and improve their systems and accounting processes, Hilljet decided to use the quieter period as an opportunity to select a new job costing and accounting system to get tooled up for the future.

They selected the popular Construction Industry Accounts from CLiP IT, part of the Eque2 Group to integrate with their existing estimating software solution.


Construct for Sage proves the ‘recommended choice’ for North West Electrical Contractor

Following a strong trading period, the team at West Lancashire Electrical Contractors were recommended to look at Construct for Sage to help streamline their processes by another local electrical contractor in the North West.

The decision to go ahead become an easy one to make when they realised they could keep their existing Sage Accounts system, and improve the control and visibility of their job costing processes with Construct for Sage in the process, which will pay dividends in the months and years ahead.


Bexwell Construction selects EValuate estimating software with Laxton’s Priced Libraries to help win new types of work

Many contractors tender regularly for similar types of work, so the resources required are well understood and easier to price accurately for. However, to keep winning work as the industry recovers, more and more companies are being asked to tender for work in areas they do not operate in as often.

To combat this, Bexwell Construction decided to implement EValuate construction estimating software with its unique integration with Laxton’s Priced Libraries to help them bid competitively in areas they work in less frequently – waving goodbye to complex spreadsheets in the process.


Can Eque2 help support your business?

We understand the importance of getting your business back to normality as quickly as possible. However, if your ‘normal’ involves managing your estimates, contract costs and other crucial accounting processes such as subcontractor information, applications and retentions via spreadsheets, now might be the time to request a free no-obligation online demonstration of construction accounting, job costing and estimating software from Eque2.

Request a demo today and put our construction management software systems to the test to see if they can help protect future margins and streamline your operations.

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