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23 contractors in November select Sage Job Costing Software to increase margins

December 12, 2019

In this article, we will be looking at how contractors are embracing Eque2’s purpose-built Sage job costing software, specifically designed to streamline the unique accounting processes required in the construction industry and work seamlessly alongside Sage Accounts.

Read on to discover the individual reasons why four of our twenty-three new customers in November selected Construct for Sage and find out how your construction company can also benefit from cost and time efficiencies to support your business growth and help maximise your margins.


Prodig Groundworks Limited (Prodig) are civil engineering and groundworks contractors operating in East Anglia. Prodig were previously conducting their job costing processes using a non-construction specific accounting software in conjunction with manually completed spreadsheets to account for any variations incurred on a project. They were keen to find an all-in-one solution that would enable them to benefit from time efficiencies as they found themselves having to duplicate their job costing records between their accounting software and their spreadsheets, resulting in a lack of oversight and control over the daily costs incurred.

Construct for Sage’s ability to work seamlessly alongside Sage was highly appealing to Prodig as it could provide them with the features that they were missing in their previous non-industry specific job costing software, freeing themselves from having to conduct labour intensive spreadsheets alongside their regular accounting software. Following a live demonstration, Prodig were able to see how they could conduct live cost reporting on their projects, carry out cost value reconciliations to measure expenditures against budgeted costs on each project, complete three-way matching to ensure that supplier invoices are valid and only authorised purchases are reimbursed to minimise unnecessary costs by tracking the usage of hired plant on all sites.


Cubby Construction Ltd (Cubby) are a long-established civil engineering contractor operating in Cumbria, providing a wide range of services including joinery and house building. Cubby had recently moved to using Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50 Payroll as they were looking for a new and modern job costing software as their previous accounting system was no longer receiving updates, however, this did not include the construction industry-specific features which they required. This resulted in a highly time-consuming process for their finance team, having to duplicate their records between spreadsheets and their Sage 50 Accounts.

Cubby were eager to find a software that could specifically help them to create timesheets, capture their on-site deliveries as well as being able to generate cumulative valuations and applications for payment. Following a live demonstration of the software, Cubby were able to see how Construct for Sage would be able to assist them in their contract cost management processes and remove the need to work with time-consuming spreadsheets alongside their current Sage 50 Accounts package.


Port Homes Ltd (Port) are housebuilders in County Durham, establishing themselves recently in 2017. Having just completed a relatively small 22-plot development, Port were able to conduct their job costing on this project using a non-industry specific accounting solution alongside spreadsheets to account for applications and retentions. Having completed and sold all the properties on this development, they had purchased land to begin a new 55-plot development and were looking to find a job costing system that would not require data entry to be duplicated as they take on this much larger project.

Port had explored the various job costing solutions for the construction industry available in the market. After careful consideration, they had selected Construct for Sage as their contract cost management software to assist them in moving forward on their next project as it would allow them to properly track their hired plant, manage their subcontractors, track retentions, conduct cost valuation reports and manage CIS returns.


Amber Construction Services Ltd (Amber) are roofing contractors based in Essex, operating in the public, leisure, health, education and commercial sectors. Amber had been using Sage Job Costing alongside a Microsoft Access Database and were satisfied with their processes for numerous years, however both solutions were becoming obsolete as Microsoft has ended support for Access Database and Sage Job Costing is no longer being updated. Amber were seeking a new job costing software that would be future proof and able to adapt to any industry changes, whilst combining the features of both of their previous solutions so that they would no longer have to duplicate their records.

Being able to manage their subcontractors was another key reason why Amber had selected Construct for Sage, as it could allow them to handle subcontractor ordering, generate subcontractor payment certificates and manage insurances against subcontractors with greater ease. Amber were also interested in how Construct for Sage could handle their whole ordering process, which would enable them to three-way match their purchase orders to order receipts and invoices to detect any inaccurate quantities, wrong prices and damaged goods to prevent any overspend on materials.


Eque2 look forward to working with and supporting all our new customers on their exciting journey. If you would like more information on how Eque2’s construction-specific Sage job costing software could help your business, please get in touch to arrange your free non-obligatory demo by calling us on 0161 939 0111 or by emailing us at

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