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29 Contractors select Eque2’s modern job costing software in October

November 19, 2020

In this article, we specify how contractors in the UK & Ireland can simplify their accounting processes and eradicate manual spreadsheets from their workflows by using Construct for Sage, the market-leading construction-specific job costing software.

Continue reading as we take a look into the stories of 5 of our 29 new customers in October who selected purpose-built Sage software, specifically designed to streamline, and overcome any accounting challenges faced by contractors.

Calverley Control Installations Ltd

Calverley Control Installations Ltd (Calverley) are mechanical & engineering contractors based in West Yorkshire, delivering bespoke building management and electrical control systems.

Calverley were using Sage 50 Accounts alongside the Sage Job Costing module to manage their projects. They began looking for a new job costing software as they wanted to be able to report on projects more effectively, as they had to inspect various spreadsheets to gain an insight into their performance.

Calverley recognised that their retrospective method of reporting was resulting in unnecessary costs being incurred that could have been prevented if they had greater oversight on each stage of their projects. Calverley wanted to have a view on their committed and accrued costs at any point in time, as their Sage Job Costing module would only display what was owed in invoices.

After seeing Construct for Sage demonstrated in an online session by an Eque2 consultant, Calverley saw how they could raise their Purchase Orders in the system to create instant Work-In-Progress reports for each of their projects to see their order values and on-site deliveries that are yet to be received. Utilising subcontractors on the majority of their projects, Calverley were thrilled to see how Construct for Sage would allow them to validate the invoices they receive from their subcontractors to ensure they are only paid for the work they have completed.

With Sage Job Costing becoming increasingly obsolete for the UK contractors, with recent legislation changes such as Reverse Charge VAT not being accommodated for in the module, Calverley optimistically selected Construct for Sage. This will enable them to replace the out of date Sage Job Costing module along with their disparate spreadsheets to move their contract management and job costing into one seamless Sage environment with all the construction-specific requirements they need.

Apex Lifts Limited

Apex Lifts Limited (Apex) are lift manufacturers and servicers operating in the south-east of England, receiving a Royal Warrant after installing bespoke passenger lifts and conducting repairs at Windsor Castle.

Apex were originally using Sage 200 Accounts with 3 other solutions along with an increasing number of manually completed, cumbersome spreadsheets to handle their construction-specific job costing processes. This made it particularly difficult for them to access the information on their project costings, leading them to seek a new system that can manage their procurement, job costing and reporting.

Apex wanted to implement a tried and tested construction-specific solution to reduce waste and support collaboration between their accounts and commercial departments. Having initially enquired into Eque2’s Construct for Sage 200 earlier in the year, a free online demonstration was arranged leading to a unanimous decision to select Eque2’s construction-specific job costing software from the Financial Director and Managing Director.

Apex considered the best time for them to implement the software would be over the quieter festive period in December, with Construct for Sage 200 ready to support their growth as they take on additional projects in the new year.

Make One Group

Make One Group (Make One) are a newly established fit-out contractor after a re-structure within the OD Group who are users of EVision, Eque2’s enterprise-level construction accounting software.

When founding the new business, the accountant at Make One advised that Sage should form the basis of any new accounts system they adopt. With the OD Group being fully satisfied with Eque2’s enterprise solution, the newly created team at Make One trusted Eque2’s ability to deliver the most appropriate solution for their smaller business and requested a free online demonstration of the Construct for Sage job costing software.

As Sage’s main strategic partners in the construction industry, Make One Group were reassured that Eque2 can fully support small-to-medium level contractors with a consistent level of quality in line with the satisfactory delivery of enterprise software they had experienced at OD Group.

Modus Partnerships Ltd

Modus Partnerships Ltd (Modus Partnerships) are a recently established building services contractor located in Leicestershire, delivering affordable housing across the country working in partnership with local authorities and housing associations.

Modus Partnerships was founded by the Managing Director of C 3 Construction Ltd, who was highly impressed by the earlier implementation of Construct for Sage job costing software at their £30m turnover groundworks business, so much so that they wanted to also implement the software to support their new venture.

When re-engaging with Eque2 and reviewing the applicability of the job costing software for Modus Partnerships, they were excited to see how Construct for Sage could be configured to suit the explicit needs of a building services contractor that differs from their groundworks business already running Construct for Sage.

Coombs Property Services Limited

Coombs Property Services Limited (Coombs) are specialist contractors based in Gloucestershire who provide plumbing, carpentry, landscaping, and decorating services.

Coombs were initially using Sage 50 Accounts alongside multiple disparate spreadsheets to handle their purchase orders, job costing, client billing, project reporting and subcontractor management. This process was becoming increasingly time consuming, involving a lot of duplication as records had to be re-keyed from each spreadsheet back into Sage with complex workarounds.

They were conducting a retrospective review of invoices and needed a real-time view of committed costs to gain more control over the margins on their projects. This led to the Finance Manager at Coombs getting in touch with Eque2 to arrange a demonstration of the Construct for Sage job costing software.

After seeing the software in action, Coombs recognised how they could use Construct for Sage to pro-actively control their costs by raising purchase orders in the system to automatically include costs to projects and reports, ensuring they know how much cost to expect before they have already committed to the expenditures.

Having selected Construct for Sage job costing software and EValuate estimating software from Eque2, Coombs now have a complete end-to-end solution from estimating to final account billing that integrates seamlessly with their Sage Accounts.

Eque2 look forward to working with and supporting all our new customers on their exciting journey. If you would like more information on how Eque2’s construction-specific Sage job costing software could help your business, please get in touch to arrange your free non-obligatory demo by calling us on 0161 939 0111 or by emailing us at

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