Whilst contractors were having to adapt their processes to cater to the ‘new normal’ in the month of June, we witnessed an increase in interest in our modern job costing software here at Eque2 as contractors looked to maximise the profitability of their projects moving forward in uncertain times.

In this article, we will be looking at the specific reasons why 3 of our new customers selected Construct for Sage construction accounting software and chose to move away from their manually completed excel spread sheets as they returned to work following the ‘lockdown’ period.


Classic Lifts Ltd

Classic Lifts Ltd (Classic) provide installation, modernisation, and repair of lifts, with a reputation as one of the leading lift providers in the UK. Classic were originally seeking an all-in-one ERP system, however they determined that the implementation and high costs would be inefficient due to the size of their business. As CL were using Sage 50 Accounts, Construct for Sage was considered as they sought the ability to integrate their job costing and management of installation projects into Sage.

When speaking with a consultant at Eque2, Classic were delighted that they would be able to track lift volume, capacity and lift speed within Construct for Sage using the user defined fields feature. Classic determined that Construct for Sage was the best option for their construction specific accounting requirements as it delivers control over their costs and auditability on all their projects.


JN Civils Ltd

JN Civils LTD (JN) are Civil engineering contractors operating from Preston and have been established since 2010. JN has successfully expanded their operations in recent years and have subsequently brought in additional staff to their accounts team to handle the job costing on their projects, a process that was conducted manually outside of their Sage 50 Accounts package. JN were able to operate throughout the recent ‘lockdown’, however were expecting an increase in projects going forward. As JN took on more projects, several of the new accounting team members had recommended Construct for Sage as a potential solution.

Having used Eque2’s construction-specific contract management system prior to working at JN, they were able to explain to the MD that the business would be much more profitable if they can operate with greater cost control including being able to monitor plant usage, subcontractor part-payments and material costs at far greater level of detail. With Construct for Sage, JN will be able to increase their profit margins by the increased visibility over the profitability on each stage of their projects.


Hardisty CRN

Hardisty CRN (Hardisty) are roofing and coating specialists based in the North West of the UK. Hardisty was established in 1996 and in recent years have been preparing to significantly increase their revenue by 30% as they restructure with a new QS and contract managers on the team. Hardisty were originally using Sage 50 Accounts with manual spreadsheets to record their part payments. This was becoming a mounting issue as Hardisty spend over £400,000 a year on subcontractors and their manually completed records required an increasing amount of time administrating.

Construct for Sage was the ideal solution for Hardisty as they sought for a way to live update their WIP reports and looked to reduce the extensive administrative time required when comparing activity through budgets all done through manual spreadsheets. They were also seeking to improve their purchase ordering process as they were unable to provide any committed costs. By selecting Construct for Sage, Hardisty have been able to replace their retrospective authorisation process with an all-in-one construction-specific job accounting software where the data is all live.


Eque2 look forward to working with and supporting all our new customers on their exciting journey. If you would like more information on how Eque2’s construction-specific Sage job costing software could help your business moving forward, request a demo today by calling us on 0161 939 0111 or by emailing us at [email protected].