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32 New Customers in 30 Days: Why are contractors switching to construction job costing software?

November 2, 2018

With more and more contractors realising the benefits of switching to software built for their industry, we share the familiar stories of two specialist contractors that have chosen an Eque2 solution to improve their construction-specific processes.

Pennylane Building Contractors and Fastglobe (Mastics) Ltd have both selected Eque2’s Construct for Sage job costing software to manage their projects, and benefit from real-time visibility and reporting on their projects, within one fully integrated solution.

Many contractors still rely on manual spreadsheets to manage their job costing processes and struggle when quickly trying to pull information to get a clear picture of how they are performing. Re-keying data numerous times allows room for errors to occur, as well as taking lots of time. With our construction-specific job costing software, we are helping thousands of contractors improve their processes.

Our Construct for Sage software enables you to protect margins and gain peace of mind on the actual financial performance of any job at the click of a button. Discover the challenges faced by Pennylane and Fastglobe and read their reasons for choosing Construct for Sage 50 below.

Fastglobe (Mastics) Ltd 

Fastglobe (Mastics) Ltd is a leading contractor specialising in sealant services in the UK. Fastglobe have developed a substantial portfolio including Watford Football Club, Wembley Stadium, the Olympic Stadium and Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium to name a few. Fastglobe were initially using Sage 50 Accounts alongside manual spreadsheets for their job costing, however, required more clarity on the sales position of their projects. At present all data entry into Sage Accounts was done from one central office. The team at Fastglobe wanted to reduce the amount of work its central accounts team is having to do by allowing other offices restricted access to enter job costing information into Sage, removing the need for the central office to re-enter details such as applications, certificates and invoice details. The business also had a large number of retentions owed at any given time and required a solution to better manage these, so that they could be certain they have not missed any retentions owed. Fastglobe selected Construct for Sage 50 to help streamline its processes so that the accounts team can easily work out what is owed and on what sites. They can also now easily work out which invoices relate to which applications, by which contractor, and appropriately bill each individual project accurately.


Pennylane Building Contractors

Pennylane are a well-known Merseyside building contractor providing services from repairs and upgrades to complete builds. Prior to selecting Eque2, Pennylane used Sage 50 Accounts alongside manual spreadsheets, seeking a solution to help reduce the amount of time spent re-keying job costing information and to limit duplication. Pennylane were already using Sage 50 Accounts with the addition of the CIS module alongside Job Logic which provided disparate job costing. The business wanted to create efficiency savings and improve its operations by streamlining and updating its current processes with a robust, modern solution, that was configurable to the complexities of a growing construction business. After selecting Construct for Sage, the business is now able to pull key reports in real-time, and link purchasing directly to project budgets to tie together activities that were previously cumbersome. Subcontractor payments and cumulative client billing was initially complicated as the business had to manually handle data prior to posting into Sage. Pennylane is looking forward to implementing Construct and hopes to immediately reduce the hours needed to manage the businesses current project administration.


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