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35 Contractors select Eque2’s job costing software in September

October 9, 2020

In this article, we will be exploring the challenges small-to-medium contractors are faced with and how Eque2’s construction-specific job costing software can help them to efficiently manage projects and increase their margins.

Continue reading as we detail the stories from 5 of our 35 new customers in September who selected Construct for Sage Accounts to replace their manual spreadsheets and old accounting solutions.

John McLeod Principal Contractors Ltd

John McLeod Principal Contractors Ltd (JMPC) are a family-run joinery-based construction company operating from Perthshire and handle domestic new builds, renovations, and extensions.

JMPC were originally using Quickbooks as their accounting package, however, they did not feel that it was able to provide them with live information or adequate construction-specific functionalities to raise Purchase Orders for Plant, Subcontractors, and Materials.

JMPC were unable to generate subcontractor payment certificates or raise subcontractor orders based on the estimated costs. This led JMPC to start considering moving to a new accounts package that could handle their construction-specific records and search for estimating software which would enable them to manage jobs from initial estimate through to final account.

JMPC initially reached out to Eque2 to enquire about our EValuate estimating and tendering software, however, were looking to find out more about how the Construct for Sage job costing software could work in conjunction. JMPC were excited to hear how EValuate links with Construct for Sage and can enable them to import their estimated budgets and allow orders to be placed automatically.

JMPC saw how Construct for Sage seamlessly integrates with Sage 50 Accounts, giving them with the additional features needed. JMC had considered Sage construction accounting software vendors but ultimately decided that Eque2’s Construct for Sage was the best fit for them and would be able to receive information seamlessly with their new EValuate estimating software.

Having selected Construct for Sage Accounts, JMPC will now be able to track and job cost all of the 150+ Purchase Orders that they need to raise each month. Using the Construct Mobile App, JMPC will be able to record all of the delivery notes on site and share this information live with the desk-based accounts team to consistently achieve a three-way match between their purchase orders raised, the goods which turn up on-site and the invoices they are asked to pay.

Using Construct for Sage Accounts alongside EValuate, JMPC will now be able to fully manage their projects from the early tendering stage through to the final job costing using the live data from one integrated system.


R.J. Leighfield & Sons Limited

R.J. Leighfield & Sons Limited (Leighfield) are Building & Civil Engineering contractors based in Hampshire and have been in operation since 1885 and provide services for education, refurb, residential, commercial & industrial, care homes & sheltered housing industries.

Leighfield were initially using an old Linux-based contract management system to handle their job costing. Whilst their original system did offer some construction-specific functionality, they found themselves unable to store invoices or send emails out of the system and recognised that they needed a modern replacement.

Leighfield thoroughly looked into the other construction-specific job costing software solutions available from other vendors to ensure they made the right choice when moving to a new system.

Several staff in the Leighfield accounts team were highly fond of Sage 50 and liked how Construct for Sage Accounts extends on the core features of the accounts package. They also felt that the system was more user-friendly and saw how Eque2 would be a fitting partner to support their transition.

As their previous Linux-based system was so old, the surveyors were previously doing this process all manually in spreadsheets. Using Construct for Sage Accounts, the surveyors at Leighfield will be now able to conduct cost reporting and live reporting without having to duplicate data entry. Also opting for the Construct Mobile App, Leighfield will be able to automatically three-way-match their PO’s to GRN and invoices, saving them time and removing the possibility for human error.


Bridgeport 360 Limited

Bridgeport 360 Limited (Bridgeport) operate as main contractors based in Caerphilly, Wales and specialise in surface preparation, waterproofing and flooring solutions.

They were initially Sage 200 users, however they had to utilise manual spreadsheets in order to record construction-specific accounts such as tracking their retentions and generating CVR reports.

Bridgeport were looking for job costing software that would give them more control over purchase ordering, save the time currently spent on manual processes by replacing their multiple spreadsheets, and the ability to report with live and accurate data. A free no-obligation demonstration of Construct for Sage Accounts was arranged for the Director at Bridgeport to see how they could extend the features of their Sage Accounts and replace their manual spreadsheets.

Using Construct for Sage Accounts alongside their Sage Accounts, Bridgeport will now be able to easily track their plant hire costs, raise subcontractor Purchase Orders, track subcontractor payments, and send out payment certificates. They will also be able to replace their manual CVR reporting with an automatically created CVR report using live data at the click of a button.


Crossflow Air Conditioning Ltd

Crossflow Air Conditioning Ltd (Crossflow) are an Irish based family-ran building services contractor, providing the supply and installation of ventilation, air conditioning, windows, and acoustic louvres. Crossflow were initially using a job costing software non-specific to the construction sector alongside Sage’s Micropay payroll software.

Crossflow found themselves unable to manage their billing smoothly using their previous job costing software and decided they needed to move to a new solution that would be able to offer them more control over their contract management.

As recommended by Sage Ireland, the Financial Director at Crossflow attended an Eque2 webinar session to find out more about Construct for Sage Accounts. A free non-compulsory online demonstration was then arranged for Crossflow to further see how Construct for Sage Accounts could help them to log purchase orders for their subcontractors, plant, and materials whilst enabling them to manage their subcontractors and handle their RCT in Ireland.


Castlemead Group Ltd

Castlemead Group Ltd (Castlemead) are general building contractors based in Wrexham who specialise in the development of residential and nursing home properties.

Castlemead were originally using a stand-alone construction specialist software to manage their job costing for several years, however the reports generated from the software were considered to be unreliable. The staff at Castlemead were unable to use the software without experiencing program issues and therefore the Financial Controller decided that they needed to move their accounts to a new system.

After contacting Eque2, a free online demonstration of the Construct for Sage job costing software was arranged. With previous experience using Sage 50 Accounts, the Financial Controller at Castlemead was delighted to see how Construct for Sage Accounts could deliver all the functionality from their old software but would have the features laid out in the similar layout to Sage, making it much more user-friendly.

Using Construct for Sage Accounts, the Quantity Surveyors at Castlemead will be able to conduct Cost reports, WIP reports and track their retentions that are due. Castlemead will now be able to capture invoices, GRN and delivery notes on-site using the Construct Mobile App, enabling them to three-way match to prevent them from overpaying their suppliers.


Eque2 look forward to working with and supporting all our new customers on their exciting journey. If you would like more information on how Eque2’s construction-specific Sage job costing software could help your business, please get in touch to arrange your free non-obligatory demo by calling us on 0161 939 0111 or by emailing us at

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