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Baicier Ltd and Retain Solutions Ltd choose Eque2’s Construct Express Cloud

July 31, 2019

Eque2 are pleased to welcome Baicier Ltd and Retain Solutions Ltd who have chosen Construct Express Cloud to replace manual processes and become more efficient. Read on to find out more…


Baiceir Ltd

Based in Leicester Baiceir Ltd specialise in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of smoke control solutions.

Baiceir were using Sage 50 Accounts alongside multiple Excel spreadsheets to manage their business processes. As a small but growing business they required a construction specific solution to help manage their applications for payment and produce work in progress reports to replace manual spreadsheets and help them become more efficient without paying a high cost for software.

Baiceir came across Eque2’s Construct Express Cloud for Sage 50 Accounts which was a perfect fit, the solution offered them full integration with their current Sage 50 Accounts solution as well as the ability to pay an affordable monthly payment to run the software. Functionality wise Construct Express Cloud will replace their current manual processes by allowing them to manage and track their applications for payment effectively and produce work in progress reports helping them to clearly track their actual vs budgeted costs in real-time.

Retain Solutions Ltd

Retain Solutions Ltd are design and build specialists providing innovative design and construct solutions using class-leading products.

Retain Solutions were using an old outdated version of Sage 50 Accounts alongside manual spreadsheets to manage their Construct processes, as the business is growing rapidly, they needed to update their systems to support this and enable them to track their projects effectively.

After speaking with Eque2 the business quickly realised as well as updating their Sage 50 Accounts solution they needed to implement a cost-effective solution to manage their construction processes such as CIS, client billing, job costing, budgets and reporting to ensure their work is accurate and efficient. Construct Express Cloud for Sage 50 Accounts offered the perfect solution by providing them with all the functionality they require within one fully integrated solution. The low monthly payment also provided them with a cost-effective solution they could start using straight away as well as the ability to access at any time on any device.

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