Here at Eque2 customer feedback is extremely important to us. It’s vital that we continue to develop our solutions with our customers and the specific challenges they are facing in mind, to ensure they continue to see real value from using our construction solutions.

We’re therefore pleased to announce that the latest release of Construct Mobile Delivery Notes has been launched, which includes new functionality that allows you to input and track delivery notes for Plant Hire as well as a number of usability enhancements – all based on feedback from our customers.

Construct Mobile Delivery Notes allows you to join up your team on-site with the back office to consistently achieve a three-way match between purchase orders raised, the good which turn up on-site and the invoices you are asked to pay.

The mobile app, compatible with Apple and Android devices works with the popular job costing solution Construct for Sage, which is available to your team on-site so they can record deliveries made to site and report them back to Construct in real-time. Within the latest release you can now enter delivery notes for Plant On-Hire by recording the date, the reference and the quantity. When required you can also mark the required plant or part of the plant item as ‘Off-Hire’ which will then automatically update the office so they can make sure the company isn’t billed for the use of plant which has been returned. As well as the added functionality the user interface has been improved throughout, making it easier for you to search and filter your contracts. To find out more about the benefits of using Construct for Sage and Mobile Delivery Notes to improve your job costing processes, request a call back.