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More construction companies are moving away from spreadsheets and here’s why…

November 11, 2021

You may have noticed in our recent articles and blogs that more construction companies are coming to us looking to replace their spreadsheet habits with construction-specific software.

With this trend continuing (and even increasing) this month, it’s important to understand why hundreds of construction companies across the UK believe that spreadsheets are a thing of the past.

But why is this? Using spreadsheets is a tried and true method that has been used for over 40 years so why should we change now? Let’s break down the main factors as to why:

  • Errors – Errors can appear in the form of duplication or incorrect inputs, and can be devastating to a task, project or even the whole company if not noticed. These errors can cause figures to be skewed causing you to overpay suppliers, be underpaid by contractors, completely miss payments for Plant Hire etc.
  • Efficiency – The saying goes, “time is money”, and I including others completely agree; spending hundreds of employee hours entering figures into spreadsheets, ensuring accuracy, only to have skewed figures at the end is a real issue that companies face every day (one that can be easily avoided by using other software).
  • Visibility – Having visibility on different aspects of your projects (E.G. Applications and retentions) and monitoring costs (E.G. Plant Hire and Subcontractors), is essential to protecting profit margins and ensuring you don’t overspend. However, it can take days or weeks to generate reports that by the time they’re created, are obsolete due to being out of date.

Although I’ve only outlined a few of the issues that affect construction companies on a daily basis, there are dozens more that affect every company.

This week, we’re going to be exploring why companies over the last month chose Eque2’s Construct for Sage and how it combats the struggles of spreadsheets.

Home & Industrial Heating Services LTD

Based out of Eastleigh, Hampshire, Home & Industrial Heating Services LTD (Home & Industrial Group) are contractors who were established in 1972. They provide a wide array of quality services, including (but not limited to!): Heating, air conditioning, ventilation, mechanical and engineering, electrical and drainage.

When approaching Eque2, Home & Industrial Group informed us that they were using Sage Job Costing alongside spreadsheets. However, due to support for Sage Job Costing being stopped in September, they were concerned upgrading their Sage Accounts would stop their Job Costing from working. Therefore, they were relying heavily upon spreadsheets.

Home & Industrial Group expressed their frustrations with spreadsheets, informing us that data duplication was causing issues alongside the lack of visibility on projects which all project managers needed. They wanted a solution that provided total visibility and accuracy, alongside maximising efficiency across their existing processes.

An online demonstration was arranged where Home & Industrial could view Construct for Sage in action. They saw how the risk for incorrect input was negated and duplication was impossible without automated alerts appearing on the solution. They saw how Construct could produce live project costs, P&L and WIP reports in seconds, allowing for total visibility across the business. Finally, they liked how with Construct they can manage their subcontractor processes including verification through HMRC and visibility on insurance.

Home & Industrial Heating Services LTD purchased Construct for Sage shortly after the demo.

London Wall Design

London Wall Design (London Wall) are a fit-out contractor who specialises in creating space solutions using movable walls and sliding folding partitions. They oversee the entire process, from manufacturing to installation to ongoing maintenance.

Before discovering Eque2, London Wall was using Sage 50 alongside spreadsheets. They told us that they needed to reduce the number of spreadsheets they were using as it was causing backlogs in work and the duplication was becoming a huge issue for them, causing massive amounts of discrepancies.

After exploring the market and finding Eque2, a demonstration was arranged to view Construct for Sage in action. They saw how Construct for Sage reduced risks of duplication, alongside the automated processes of verification of subcontractors. They also saw how Construct would generate clear financial reports without waiting for invoices to be processed in Sage.

After the demo, London Wall Design purchased Construct for Sage 50, alongside our Invoice Capture Module and Approvals Module.

To find out more about Construct for Sage can benefit your business and reduce your reliance on spreadsheets click here.

Alternatively, you can register here for a free live online webinar to see Construct for Sage Accounts in action.

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