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How construction companies are capturing key project information faster with mobile apps

November 24, 2021

In a climate where materials are having price fluctuations never seen before and labour is scarce, it’s important that everything is recorded accurately, efficiently and without delay.

Over the last year, we’ve seen a huge increase of companies taking mobile apps alongside their construction-specific software to allow information to be shared seamlessly between sites and the office. These apps include:

  •     Delivery Notes App which enables you to consistently achieve a three-way match between purchase orders raised, the goods which turn up on-site and the invoices you are asked to pay.
  •     Time Sheets App which allows employees and site managers to enter timesheets for themselves or their team, which are then transferred automatically over to Construct for Sage Accounts, removing the need to chase, collate, enter or import timesheets manually.
  •     Purchase Orders App which allows users to raise purchase orders from their mobile device when off-site in real-time, removing the need to chase colleagues in the office.

Adopting these mobile apps not only increases efficiency and accuracy but it helps companies move to a paperless environment. In Scotland, construction companies are being encouraged and backed by a fund through the government to transform their companies to be completely digital and paperless.

Continue reading below to see why companies this month have chosen to select mobile apps to improve their current processes.

Andrew Strain Construction LTD

Andrew Strain Construction LTD (Strain Construction) is a construction company based out of East Kilbride, Lanarkshire. Strain Construction specialises in multiple types of contracts, including civils, shuttering, steel fixing and groundworks.

Originally, Strain Construction were using multiple spreadsheets alongside Sage 50 to manage all of their accounting processes. However, as spreadsheets were extremely time consuming and duplication was becoming an ever-increasing issue, they needed a construction-specific accounting tool. Therefore, they went out to the market to find a solution that will help them increase efficiency and accuracy across their business.

Shortly after discovering Eque2, an online demonstration was arranged. During the demo, Strain Construction saw how Construct for Sage 50 completely negates the need for spreadsheets whilst increasing the efficiency of their existing processes exponentially. They also saw how using the Time Sheets App would be extremely beneficial for the company as it would employees and site managers to enter timesheets for themselves or their team.

After the demonstration, Andrew Strain Construction LTD purchased Construct for Sage 50 to manage their job costing and accounting needs, the Time Sheets App to manage the collection and collation of time sheets from sites to office and the Goods Received and Plant Hire module to track the true impact of plant costs on their contracts.

George Brown & Sons Engineers (Leith) Ltd

George Brown & Sons Engineers (GB) is an engineering company based out of Leith, near Edinburgh. Established nearly 200 years ago (1828), GB has a long-running reputation of quality engineering services including ship repair, auto engineering, lifting services and general engineering.

Before discovering Eque2, GB was using Sage 50 alongside Sage Job Costing. However, with support ending for job costing in September, they needed to source a replacement which also improved on their current systems.

After finding Eque2, an online demo was arranged where GB saw how Eque2 not only replaces Sage Job Costing but improves on it significantly by having user-defined and fully editable budget templates with cost codes that allow you to easily set up and track jobs based on real-time progress.

They also saw how the Mobile Purchase Order App would be extremely beneficial for them as it would allow them to raise purchase orders from any location which are then automatically send to the back-office, increasing their efficiency and accuracy.

After the demo, George Brown & Sons Engineers (Leith) LTD opted for Construct for Sage 50 to replace their Sage Job Costing, as well as choosing the Mobile Purchase Order App, Mobile Delivery Notes App, Plant Hire Module and the Invoice Capture Module to drive their goal of becoming a paperless office.

If you’re interested in how our Mobile Apps alongside our construction-specific software can benefit your business, click here to watch a short 5-minute video

If you would like to see the Mobile Apps in greater detail, you can click here to register for the next free, online webinar.

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