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Construct for Sage enables contractors to expand their operations without disruption

October 27, 2020

With the regional lockdown restrictions imposed across the UK set to continue into the Autumn, Eque2 continue to safely support additional small-to-medium contractors to overcome their construction-specific accounting challenges.

In this article, we will be detailing the stories from another 3 of the 35 new customers we welcomed in September and share how they were able to recognise the return on investment that Sage construction accounting software could provide by enabling them to increase their margins, manage projects and save time after seeing the job costing software in action in our personalised free online non-compulsory demonstrations.

Progen Services Ltd

Progen Services Ltd (Progen) are Mechanical & Electrical contractors based in South Humberside. Progen specialise in control systems and power solutions and provide this service for larger construction projects. They were initially using Sage 50 Accounts with Sage Projects and manual spreadsheets to handle their job costing.

Progen were looking to grow as a business however they were struggling to see their committed costs, track vital information when processing their purchase orders, match invoices to orders and had to conduct the part paying of subcontractors and client applications manually on spreadsheets. This led to Progen seeking a job costing software solution that would be able to provide a smart solution to replace their manual, duplicative processes.

The product specialists at Eque2 were able to provide Progen with an interactive online demonstration to show how Construct for Sage could help them to increase their margins by streamlining their processes. Progen were able to see how Construct for Sage was capable of delivering a return on investment in a format that both the accounts and commercial teams were able to easily understand before selecting Construct for Sage as their new job costing software alongside Sage Accounts.

Using the Construct Mobile the Invoice Recognition Module, Progen will be able to automate the entry of their purchase invoices within Construct for Sage and match a single invoice to multiple purchase orders, receive multi-page and multi-line invoices, and flag any discrepancies between the purchase order value and invoices received.

Edgefold Homes Limited

Edgefold Homes Limited (Edgefold) are a newly established house building contractor based in the Greater Manchester area. They were initially using Sage TASBooks and wanted to move to modern accounting software that would allow them to replace their manual spreadsheets before embarking on a project to build 40 homes across 3 sites in the coming year.

Edgefold first considered Sage 50 Accounts to be the best replacement for their legacy Sage software and decided to contact Eque2 regarding Construct for Sage to find out more about how the add-on job costing software for Sage could enable them to run at optimal efficiency and remove the need to track costs on spreadsheets.

Following an online non-compulsory demonstration of the job costing software, the Financial Controller, Company Secretary and Director at Edgefold were able to see how Construct for Sage seamlessly integrates with Sage 50 Accounts and how it could enable them to break down their costs in as much detail as required for their plots and sites. As Sage’s strategic partner in the construction industry, Edgefold were also able to select Construct for Sage along with Sage 50 Professional as a bundle from Eque2.

Using the Construct for Sage Invoice Capture module, Edgefold will be able to scan documents with unique barcodes to allow them to reduce the time it takes to handle each invoice. The Construct Mobile Delivery Notes app will also enable them to instantly record deliveries on-site into Construct for Sage using a smartphone or tablet ensuring a three-way-matching is achieved between the PO and Invoice on each delivery.

Stef and Philips Construction Limited

Stef and Philips Construction Limited (Stef and Philips) are a leading provider of social housing across the UK. Since their establishment in 2006, Stef and Philips have built over 2,500 units and now provide accommodation for 4,500 residents. Stef and Philips were initially using Sage 50 Accounts for their accounting package and wanted to find construction job costing software for Sage to raise purchase orders, control deliveries and job cost on their projects.

Forecasting significant growth in the near future, Stef and Philips only considered job costing software that could work their Sage Accounts as they did not want to upset their complex processes by starting with a brand-new accounts package. Following an online demonstration of the job costing software delivered by one of our product specialists, Stef and Philips recognised how Construct for Sage could deliver the construction-specific features missing from Sage 50 Accounts whilst fully integrating with their existing accounts and were quick to select the job costing software.

Using Construct for Sage alongside their Sage 50 Accounts, Stef and Philips will be able to ensure that they can continue to deliver the vital service of social housing on time and on budget as they continue to grow as a business.

See the software in action for yourself

Eque2 look forward to working with and supporting all our new customers on their exciting journey. If you would like more information on how Eque2’s construction-specific Sage job costing software could help your business moving forward, request a demo today by calling us on 0161 939 0111 or by emailing us at

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