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Why Cyber Essentials Is Crucial For The Construction Industry

January 23, 2024

Digital assets have become commonplace within the construction industry, supporting various businesses to digitise tiresome processes to enhance productivity and efficiency. The benefits digital tools bring outweigh manual tasks, however, does your business have security measures in place to protect your data?

Why The Construction Industry Needs To Be Cyber Secure

The consequences of poor cybersecurity should not be underestimated – threats to your data can affect profit margins, construction programs, supply chains, and relationships. To protect your organisation against security breaches, IT teams should always be looking to improve security by renewing outdated technology with more secure assets. Anticipating risk allows for businesses like yours can make business decisions to prevent cyber-attacks.

As you’re aware, the construction industry heavily relies on effective supply chains to deliver materials, machinery, and digital information. Any disruption in the chain could lead to delays and penalties. This is a situation that your business wants to avoid. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that payment exchanges between yourself, suppliers, and subcontractors are made in a timely manner. With so many components involved, there is no room for cyber-attack.

What Controls Can You Put In Place To Protect Yourself Against Cyber Attacks

If your business is establishing new processes regarding security, you should utilise a scheme that is simple yet effective. That is why we suggest Cyber Essentials as a framework to protect your business against cyber-attacks. A government-backed scheme, gaining a Cyber Essentials certification helps your company regardless of size to protect themselves against the most common attacks, including:

  • Phishing attacks
  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Password guessing
  • Network attacks

In order to bid for central government contracts, you will require a Cyber Essentials Certification.

Eque2 Construct Cloud & Cyber Essentials

Businesses like yours are considering transitioning to a more mobile way of working, enabling your team to access information from anywhere. However, before taking the leap, it’s important to understand how adopting new technology can comply with Cyber Essentials in order to protect your data.

Utilising a Cyber Essentials certified product like Construct Cloud for Sage helps to safeguard your business against cyber threats, enhance data security, and mitigate operational risk. We wanted to make fact finding easy for our customers, that’s why we’ve listed below all the reasons why our cloud-based platform adheres to Cyber Essentials guidelines.

Learn more about Construct Cloud for Sage.


A Secure Data Centre

The best way to protect yourself and access information on the go is by utilising a cloud-based system that provides robust encryption and heightened security. We host Construct Cloud within Microsoft Azure, a cutting-edge cloud-computing service that uses double encryption to ensure the safety of your data. Additionally, Azure is fully GDPR compliant, which means that using a platform like Construct Cloud can help your business align with Cyber Essentials and support your ability to bid for government contracts.

Identity and Authentication (Multi-Factor Authentication)

To reduce the risks associated with compromised passwords, we offer protection for your business information through multi-factor authentication (MFA) on both the Construct Cloud browser platform and connected modules. This helps to protect your business’ data against breaches from weak or stolen employee passwords.

Prevention Controls

Data protection is crucial, and it is important to implement preventive measures. Construct Cloud’s password lockout technology ensures that unauthorised access cannot successfully breach your system, even if attackers attempt to guess passwords through brute-force methods. This control is designed to respond to potential password-guessing attacks by temporarily disabling the account for a specific period of time.

Effective User Management

Secure user management is essential when enhancing data security. With our cloud technology, Construct Cloud allows users to establish individual access rights, enabling authorised individuals to have the appropriate level of control. By implementing specific job role access, you can protect the personal information of subcontractors, suppliers, and your organisational data.


Benefits Your Business Can Receive From Eque2’s Construct Cloud for Sage Accounts







Not only does Construct Cloud provides various security benefits to protect your data, your business can receive a whole host of benefits to increase efficiency within your processes:

  • Access to your full Construct system from any location on any device.
  • Configurable list views enable any user to simply define their own columns and filters for all data lists.
  • Faster data entry times around the system including automated batch entries for purchase invoices and timesheets.
  • Improved collaboration with your subcontractors by capturing progress and timesheet information via a mobile app, and easily convert an application into a certificate
  • Quick access to documents and files against the relevant contract, without needing to add extra storage, from anywhere.
  • More real-time job management reporting at your fingertips with on-screen dashboards with search / filter options.
  • Construct Cloud gives you the opportunity to centralise even more of your key accounting and commercial management processes.


How To Move To Construct Cloud

Moving Your Static Data to Construct Cloud:

To ensure a smooth process, we recommend assigning a dedicated point of contact who will work with our professional services or onboarding team, depending on your specific needs. Our team will assist in transferring your data and creating new instances of Construct Cloud for your business.

Manage New Jobs Within Construct Cloud:

To help your team get up to speed with Construct Cloud, we enable you to run two systems in parallel until your business has completed its ongoing jobs. To simplify your processes, Construct and Construct Cloud will automatically submit your CIS Return directly to HMRC. Furthermore, your historical data from Construct will always remain available to you.

Discover how to transition to cloud infographic

Next Steps

If you’d like to learn more about the cloud, explore our dedicated page where you can access further information plus a range of online demonstrations to explore the benefits of moving to the Cloud:

If you feel like you’re interested in cloud and ready to learn more, get in touch today!

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