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Discover why another 21 contractors selected Construct for Sage job costing software in June

July 16, 2019

In this article, we look at some of the key reasons why construction companies are leaving behind manual spreadsheets and moving to a purpose-built Sage job costing solution designed for the construction industry.

Continue reading to discover the individual reasons as to why three of our twenty-one new customers in June opted to implement Construct for Sage 50. Read on to discover how cost and time efficiencies could help your business support growth whilst maximising your margins.


Practical Minds

Practical Minds is a renowned expert in the retail and commercial interiors market, the business specialise in the design, manufacture and implementation of retail and commercial interiors. The business has completed projects for the likes of Harrods, Selfridges, Westfields, Rolex and Merlin Entertainment to name a few. Prior to selecting Eque2’s Construct, Practical Minds used Xero for its accounting needs alongside manual spreadsheets for all construction-specific purposes. The business suffered issues stemming from using manual spreadsheets, which led to too much duplication and wasted effort being used to reconcile data. As a growing business, it was fundamental for Practical Minds to update its internal processes in a bid to support periods of growth. The business called in Eque2 to demo its Construct for Sage 50 job costing software, which was ultimately recognised as the best of breed contract job costing solution in the sector. The business selected Construct after recognising how the solution would modernise the processes used currently within the construction side of the business, and how it would offer far better data, analysis and provide the business with the financial visibility it requires over each of its construction projects. The business is now looking forward to the ability to pull live real-time data and use modern user security and controls to further improve its processes.


Arc Group London

Arc Group London consists of a number of sister companies, each specialising in unique construction disciplines; property services, M&E, major projects and waterproofing throughout the public, private and commercial sectors. Most recently, the business has acquired three businesses which act as independent divisions within the overall Group. All four divisions use Sage 50 Accounts alongside manual spreadsheets for their respective job costing needs. The management team at Arc went to market to seek a modern construction software solution which would consolidate and provide more detail on project costs such as labour, plant and materials. Limiting duplication and the need to quadruple handle data was a key requirement, as was the need for more in depth analysis, to be used to make smarter business decisions. Arc Group is now looking forward to implementing Construct and having one consolidated solution across the Group, which integrates uniquely with Sage Accounts.



Gerco-Fas is a specialist fire protection contractor, with an ever-expanding market share in Europe, the business works on projects which range from shopping complexes to superstores, data centres, prisons, hospitals and hotels. Previously, Gerco-Fas used Sage One for their accounting needs and manual spreadsheets for all their construction projects. The business was introduced to Eque2 through its accountant, who suggested the business looked into Construct for Sage 50, which would save time and limit the need for staff to spend hours double and triple handling data. The business called in Eque2 to demo Construct, after which the decision to implement was taken. The business will now use Construct to manage all aspects of its contract job costing from managing budgets to client billing, plant hire and timesheets. The team at Gerco-Fas are looking forward to having more control over budgets, access to key reports quicker, and a solution in place to support the continued growth of the business.


Eque2 look forward to working with and supporting all our new customers on this exciting journey. If you would like more information on how Eque2’s construction-specific job costing software could help your business or a friend, please get in touch for your free non-obligatory demo by calling us on 0161 939 0111.

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