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Eque2 continues to grow presence in Ireland as Bretland Construction implements Construct

June 14, 2019

Bretland Construction (Bretland) is a renowned Irish Contractor based in Leinster, Ireland. Catering to clients in the private, industrial and commercial sector, Bretland offers a wide range of services spanning from general construction, design and build, fitout and refurbishments works to commercial glazing solutions and property maintenance. The business has worked on a number of projects including works for top multinationals such as Allianz, Dell, and also Irelands biggest attraction, Dublin Zoo.

Bretland previously used TAS Books for its accounting purposes, however made the switch to Sage Accounts a year ago. The business had continued to use manual spreadsheets for its entire job costing processes since its inception having no construction-specific job costing solution in place at all.

Relying on manual spreadsheets for its job costing processes caused Bretland a number of issues and challenges that it wished to overcome, for example;


  1. The incumbent accounts package, Sage Accounts did not manage any processes before the sales and purchasing stage, which were all being managed in independent manual spreadsheets, this meant the business lacked visibility and real-time insight.
  2. Not being able to cost labour time to projects was another challenge for the business as costs such as committed, accrued, and invoiced costs were not available from a reporting standpoint, and were not able to be tracked against the initial budget.
  3. Removing the silos created between its Accounts and Commercial teams, which were causing lots of duplication and wasted effort leading to a disconnect between its teams.
  4. Inefficient reporting was a major headache for Bretland, in particular CVR and other construction-specific reports such as WIP, with Bretland not being able to report on budgets and costs vs revenue, it was very difficult for the business to gather a true reflection of how a well any of its project were performing against budgets.

In addition to the above challenges, Bretland also wished to eradicate all the excessive spreadsheets it was using and implement one centralised contract job costing solution to better manage and track subcontractors and both applications & retentions.

Facing the challenges detailed above, Bretland called in Integrity Software, and Eque2 to demo its leading Construct for Sage 50 solution. With the business not wanting to move away from Sage Accounts combined with recognising Constructs far richer functionality and its unique integration with Sage Accounts, Bretland requested regional customer references, after which, the business opted to implement Construct.


Bretland Construction has now adopted Construct for Sage to manage its entire construction-specific job costing processes, alongside Sage Accounts. This fully integrated solution will enable Bretland to eradicate spreadsheets, reduce duplication and the need to double handle data. The business will also be able to cost manage and drill down on all project costs to any specific cost code, which in turn will automatically update nominal codes in Sage 50.

Bretland initially faced challenges managing and tracking subcontractor invoices, certificates and insurances. The business can now use Construct to value any subcontractor work based on orders placed allowing the business to generate cumulative certificates.

The business also faced issues with applications and retentions, in particular with retentions owed to as well as held from the business. Construct will enable Bretland to see what is owed to them as a true reflection.

Eque2 look forward to working with and supporting Bretland Construction on this exciting journey. If you would like more information on how Eque2’s construction-specific job costing software could help your business or a friend, please get in touch for your free non-obligatory demo by calling us on 0161 939 0111.

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