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Eque2 helps construction businesses advance their use of Sage

August 23, 2016

As a construction business grows, it is common for them to require functionality more advanced and specific to the sector than their existing Sage accounts software was originally designed to provide. At this point it is common for businesses to look at industry specific solutions like Eque2, to provide the advanced functionality they now require.

In July, Eque2 has seen a number of growing businesses replace their Sage CIS and Job Costing software for a more advanced construction accounting solution. Many of these businesses were struggling with the lack of functionality they had in place to manage industry-specific processes such as; managing retentions, application for payment, valuations and quotations. With full integration into Sage 50 Accounts, Eque2 provides these businesses with the perfect end-to-end solution.

Read some of the main drivers which led these businesses to choose Eque2.

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