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Eque2 InSite Summer Edition: Embracing Growth and Sustainability in the Construction Sector

August 9, 2023

We’re excited to announce our summer 2023 InSite newsletter! This edition highlights the company’s continuous growth, customer collaborations, and dedication to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. We take a closer look at the cloud, explore the current trends in the construction sector, and showcase our partnership with Payapps. 

Below are some key highlights you can look forward to reading in our latest InSite. 

Embracing Growth and Customer Collaboration 

The first half of the calendar year has been remarkably busy for us at Eque2, marked by robust growth and expansion as a leading software provider in the construction sector. The success is attributed to the hard work of the Eque2 team and the invaluable feedback and collaboration with our customers. Customer focus groups have been particularly productive in driving further improvements. 

ESG Initiatives and Future Goals 

ESG has been an integral guiding principle for Eque2, both in its own practices and in helping customers achieve sustainability. Over the last 12 months, Eque2 has tripled its ESG score, demonstrating the company’s commitment to employee well-being, community involvement, and environmental responsibility. The Net Zero Programme launched in May aims to further reduce the company’s carbon emissions. 

Eque2’s CEO, Justin Moule, emphasises the importance of ESG in the construction sector and how it should be approached with authenticity. He highlights Eque2’s initiatives in setting up an ESG steering committee and collaborating with customers and partners to drive positive change. 

Spotlight Interview: Rachael Cole 

Rachael Cole, Head of Customer Experience at Eque2, discusses her role in ensuring customer satisfaction and seamless experiences across all touchpoints. She emphasises the importance of active listening and understanding customers’ needs for providing valuable solutions. 

Cloud Today, Green Tomorrow 

Steven Ratcliffe, Chief Product and Technology Officer, discusses the potential of cloud technology in transforming the construction sector. Cloud-based solutions offer not only business efficiencies but also contribute to ESG goals by reducing environmental impact. Collaboration with customers and partners is essential to enable software solutions that effectively manage carbon emissions. 

The Sky Is Not The Limit, It’s Just the View 

Eque2 hosted an Enterprise User Day at the National Space Centre, where customers explored the benefits of transitioning to the Cloud. The event showcased Eque2’s commitment to modernising its offerings to align with evolving industry needs. 

What’s Driving Customers to the Cloud? 

Eque2’s account management team, Julie Barber and Kerrie Black, discuss the key drivers behind customers’ decisions to migrate to the Cloud. The challenges of security, compliance, integration with other systems, and tracking carbon emissions are addressed through Eque2’s comprehensive solutions. 

Spotlight on Eque2 Partner: Payapps 

Payapps, Eque2’s partner, is revolutionising payment applications in the construction industry. Its cloud-based technology streamlines the payment process, reduces administration time, and ensures timely and accurate payments, benefiting both contractors and subcontractors. 

To read the full magazine and learn more on what we’ve been up to recently, click here. 

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