Eque2 have recently launched a new mobile app which helps users of Construct for Sage significantly improve their invoice matching processes, doing away with the traditional headaches and inefficiencies of chasing paper delivery notes from site.

Construction firms spend hours trying to calculate the cost of a job, unable to accurately track items delivered on-site against the original purchase order in real-time. Key industry issues such as not knowing whether too much or too little was delivered until the end of a project. Now with Construct Mobile Delivery Notes, people on-site have the ability to record actual volumes receive and take photographic evidence of faulty or damaged items.

Construct Mobile Delivery Notes ultimately allows construction businesses to accurately achieve a three-way match between the purchase order raised to the goods received on-site, and finally to an invoice received.

Most construction companies struggle with the management of paper documents, which often don’t make their way back to the office, and when they do, they can sometimes barely be read. Others struggle to record a complete audit trail of goods received against a PO. Construct Mobile Delivery Notes allows you to prevent inaccurate invoices by raising queries with suppliers when they happen in real-time.

Construct Mobile provides construction businesses with 4 key benefits; Insight, Transparency, Efficiency and Integration. We explore each benefit below;

  • Insight – Record delivery notes in Construct for Sage to provide real-time job costing accuracy and WIP reporting. Check off goods received against the order at the time of delivery to spot over, or under delivered items quickly.
  • Transparency – Create a complete audit trail by recording information about goods received against the PO. Enter delivery information, capture photographs of damaged items and the paper delivery note on the mobile device.
  • Efficiency – Remove the management of paper documents by automatically generating an electronic Delivery Note for immediate visibility. Raise queries quickly with suppliers if necessary to limit delays on-site or prevent inaccurate invoices being sent.
  • Integration – Delivery information is fed back into Construct for Sage so the accounts and commercial team can reconcile what was delivered versus what is being invoiced, and how that impacts the relevant contract.

Construct Mobile Delivery Notes is available now on both Android and IOS devices so you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues out in the field. Construct Mobile can be installed on almost every smartphone.

For a deeper look into how the Construct Mobile Delivery Notes works and to discover how you can improve your invoice matching process alongside Construct for Sage from Eque2 please contact a member of our team.