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Eque2 Launch Mobile Time Sheets App for Construct for Sage Job Costing Software

May 7, 2019

Eque2 is pleased to announce that its Construct for Sage job costing software now includes a Mobile Time Sheets App, providing users with an easier way to collate and enter their employees’ time sheets – saying goodbye to traditional spreadsheet and paper-based methods.

The Construct Mobile Time Sheets App allows employees or site managers to enter time sheets for themselves or their team, through any Android or Apple mobile device in real-time, which are then transferred automatically over to Construct for Sage Accounts and Payroll, removing the need to chase, collate, enter or import time sheets manually.

Not only does the app make it easy for users on-site to enter their time sheets, it also makes it easier for users in the office – once the time sheet has been sent from the user it then appears in Construct, ready for approval and appears as a cost against the relevant project in Construct. If you use Sage Payroll, the time sheet can also be posted to Payroll once approved, allowing one streamlined process.

Construct Mobile Time Sheets is the latest in a range of mobile apps provided by Eque2 across its range of construction software solutions. From the ability to track delivery notes and plant items within Construct, to the innovative and popular Mobile Tick Sheets app for Housebuilders which tracks progress on plots.

“The demand to use mobile technology to better connect up what happens on construction sites with the back office continues to increase as site and project managers aspire to see the profitability and progress of their projects in real-time. Construct Mobile Time Sheets is the latest release in our new suite of mobile apps across our solutions, with more innovative apps to add in the very near future.” Justin Moule, Managing Director, Commercial.

For more information about the Construct Mobile Time Sheets App, please visit

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