H J Haywood & Sons Ltd (Haywood) provide painting, decorating and building maintenance services to both commercial and private property owners. The family-run business has steadily grown since originally starting out offering housing repairs and redecorations. Located in Hertfordshire, Haywood’s have earned a reputation for their professional and personal approach.

Prior to selecting Eque2, Haywood used Sage Accounts alongside several manual spreadsheets for the businesses entire job costing processes. After experiencing less than efficient processes and issues that often arise from using spreadsheets, Haywood’s decided to review its job costing processes.

Haywood’s decided to run a tender process and invited Eque2, RedSky, EasyBuild and Integrity to respond to their RFI (Request for Information), which is a process often used by businesses framing their requirements of a new system. After reviewing the details from each RFI, Haywood’s invited each software provider to present their relevant solution. After a thorough review, both EasyBuild and Eque2 were invited in to demo their job costing software solution and showcase how they would help combat the challenges and inefficiencies the business was faced with.

Upon final review, Haywood’s were satisfied that Eque2’s Construct for Sage 50 job costing solution ticked every box on their list of requirements and were also happy that Construct would allow the business to continue using Sage Accounts, which is well embedded within the business, removing the need for staff to be retrained on a new accounts package.

The business recognise how Construct would help to effectively track and produce cash flow forecasts using a centralised job costing system, allowing the business to accurately track labour cost to projects and gain insight into how well the business has budgeted on projects.

Haywood would also be using Construct for all of its client billing, to provide better intelligence of what is owed to them and by who. The system will enable Haywood to accurately track, bill and forecast expected revenue, which will help the business to understand its cash position. Tracking retentions will also be managed within Construct, which will alert Haywood when a retention is owed ensuring no retentions are missed.

Haywood will go on to use Construct to better manage subcontractors including the tracking of insurances and the verification of new subcontractors which is currently done using the HMRC website online. Bringing this into one system reduces the amount of duplication and time-consuming efforts used currently to reconcile spreadsheets used for job costing with their accounts package.

The business also purchased the document capture module for Construct, which will allow for invoices to be stored and 3-way matched against purchase orders created in Construct, goods received on site, and invoices which arrive in the office. This ensures the business is not invoiced for any product ordered which was not delivered onsite. It also allows the office to work towards becoming paperless and reduces the likelihood of invoices being lost and time-wasted chasing people for documents.

Eque2 looks forward to working with and supporting H J Haywood & Sons for the foreseeable future. If you would like more information on how Eque2’s construction-specific job costing software could help your business, please get in touch by calling us on 0161 939 0111.