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Find out how smaller contractors are taking the first steps toward modern job costing software

November 27, 2019

In this article, we will be looking at some of the key reasons why smaller contractors are making their first steps into embracing purpose-built Sage job costing software, specifically designed for the construction industry’s needs and requirements. Read on to find out the reasons why three of our nineteen new customers in October decided to implement Construct Express Cloud and how other smaller contractors can benefit from cost and time efficiencies to support business growth and help maximise margins.

Forde & McHugh Ltd

Forde & McHugh Ltd (F & M) are a longstanding family-owned specialist contractor based in Hertfordshire, supplying and assembling street lighting equipment. As a smaller contractor with one member of staff acting as an administrator handling their financial accounts, they were conducting their job costing and reporting using Sage 50 combined with manually completed excel spreadsheets.

F & M have conducted a unique method of invoicing for many years and communicated to Eque2 that this was something they would like to continue. When they discovered that Eque2 could develop a bespoke, customisable setup to their requirements, they were able to see how they could easily make the transition from Sage 50 along with manual spreadsheets to Construct Express Cloud for Sage Accounts without disrupting their previous method of invoicing.

6a Vision Homes Limited

6a Vision Homes Limited (6a Vision) are housebuilders operating in Hampshire. They were initially hesitant to move away from manually completed excel sheets in conjunction with Quickbooks as they didn’t want to disrupt their current processes and cause delays to their ongoing projects. Without a construction industry-specific job costing solution, 6a Vision was eager to minimise their workload with an easier way to manage and report on their projects.

Construct Express Cloud, as a light-weight version of the Construct for Sage Accounts software, was the ideal solution for 6a Vision as the implementation process was quick and easy with a low-cost monthly subscription fee. Using Construct Express Cloud on a tablet or laptop, 6a Vision is now also able to raise purchase orders on-site to record all the costs incurred on each project instantly.

Edge Water Homes Ltd

Edge Water Homes Ltd (Edge Water) are residential and commercial property developers based in Dorset. Edge Water were previously conducting a highly manual process for their job costing, relying on spreadsheets for all their processes. Following the arrival of a new member of staff who had prior experience working with Construct for Sage 50 at a previous employer, they were keen to look into finding a solution that would suit the size of their business.

After seeing a live demonstration of Construct Express Cloud, Edge Water could recognise how they would be able to reduce their workload and stop duplicating effort when calculating their project costs and contract valuations. Edge Water were reassured with the confidence to move away from their existing manual job costing processes, being able to see how Construct Express Cloud alongside Sage 50 Accounts could save them time and protect their margins.


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