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Government Plans To Increase Construction Of New Homes

November 3, 2017

Recently Theresa May met with large and small housebuilders, housing associations and local governments to discuss plans to increase the construction of new homes in the UK.

A spokesperson from Downing Street said: “At the meeting, the Prime Minister emphasised the government’s ambition to tackle one of the biggest challenges facing our country today – fixing the broken housing market. For too many people, home ownership has moved increasingly out of reach, and people are finding themselves spending longer in insecure private rented accommodation that is becoming ever more expensive”.

This meeting also posed an opportunity for housebuilders to take advantage of the investment the government are making through the £10 billion Help to Buy Scheme and an additional £2 billion for affordable housing.

They also discussed modern methods of construction; ensuring we have skilled workers and helping SMBs grow. Those that attended also had the opportunity to share their ideas and shed light on barriers they are facing when building new homes.

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A Downing Street spokesperson finished with: “It was a positive and collaborative meeting which needs to signal a step change in house building if we are to build a country that truly works for everyone.”

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