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Kimpton Implement Construct For Sage 50 Alongside EValuate

November 10, 2017

Eque2 is thrilled to welcome Kimpton Energy Solutions (Kimpton) as a new customer. Kimpton have chosen to implement Construct for Sage 50 alongside EValuate, in one seamless solution that fully integrates into Sage Accounts.

Kimpton are a mechanical building services contractor renowned in the North West for providing innovative, high quality building solutions to some of the UK’s major manufacturers and industrial companies. Located in Wirral, Merseyside, Kimpton offer maintenance programmes, annual boiler services, multi-site asset management, noise reduction solutions and bespoke offerings.


Before selecting Eque2, Kimpton used Sage 50 Accounts alongside manual spreadsheets for all job costing processes. However, the excessive use of spreadsheets became a problem as complexity and duplication grew alongside the organic growth of the business. This led to the constant need to re-enter information in multiple places throughout the lifecycle of a project.

The decision was made to go to market in search of a construction-specific contract management system, which would allow Kimpton to manage individual projects, and gain better visibility and control of their full project lifecycle.

After engaging with Eque2, Kimpton chose to implement both Construct for Sage and EValuate estimating software, which combine to create a unique solution for managing the full lifecycle of a project, which talks to Sage 50 Accounts.


After selecting Eque2, Kimpton staff can enjoy a reduction in their time spent duplicating data entry or manipulating data in spreadsheets in their efforts to pull accurate reports. Reducing this reliance on spreadsheets and capturing information right from the initial estimate will provide more valuable reports, faster..

In addition to this, both Construct and EValuate will be used to connect the accounting and commercial teams which currently run in silos. Using Construct will allow Kimpton to collate and share project information from within one central system, rather than the traditional method of separate teams holding onto different pieces of information.

As reporting was a key issue for Kimpton, in depth analysis and advanced reporting using the assistance of the report templates built into Construct, can now be pulled at the click of a button accurately. Overall, Kimpton can expect far better visibility and a more streamlined business, helping to drive growth and free up more staff time to efficiently manage, and complete projects on time and to budget.

Eque2 look forward to working with Kimpton and would like to thank them for selecting both Construct for Sage 50 and EValuate. We look forward to supporting the business as it continues to grow.


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